Bored and Confused

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Olympics, sports

About the Olympics . . .

I admire Olympic athletes. I respect them. I’m amazed at their dedication and level of achievement in their particular sports.

I’m also as patriotic as the next guy. I get chills when I hear “Star Spangled Banner” and see Ol’ Glory blowing in the breeze. My favorite colors are red, white and blue.

I’m happy if you’re among the record number of Americans watching and enjoying the London Games on NBC-TV’s numerous networks. The Olympic Games are reality television at its best. One reason for that is because the Olympics are real unlike most reality TV.

But don’t count me among those watching the Olympic Games. For one thing, I don’t watch any of the reality shows. For another, I have little interest in most Olympic sports. They bore me. Watching someone swim or ride a bicycle or shoot skeet is not my idea of entertainment.

To each his own I always say.

About Penn State’s departing athletes . . .

I’m confused by those among of us who criticize Penn State football players who are transferring to other schools and the coaches who are recruiting these athletes. Part of the NCAA punishment handed the school is the athletes can transfer and being eligible immediately.

The departing athletes are being labeled as disloyal. They’re being accused of abandoning a ship under duress. The coaches are being called vultures, swooping in to pick the meat off of a corpse.

How can an athlete be called disloyal when it was the school’s leadership – from the president to the head football coach – who acted so disgracefully? The athletes signed on to play for a school with hopes of winning championships and bowl games. Those dreams are dead through no fault of the players.

As for the coaches, they’d be doing their school and fans a disservice if they didn’t pursue the best talent available. Many of the coaches pursuing these players are, no doubt, renewing old acquaintances, having lost out to Penn State in the original recruiting process.

All criticism should be aimed at Penn State and no one else.


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