PSU Fans Key to Program’s Future

Posted: July 26, 2012 in sports

No one can envy the job facing Penn State football Bill O’Brien. His first task is trying to keep his team together for the upcoming season. Because of NCAA sanctions, all of his players, including incoming freshmen, can transfer immediately and be eligible to play elsewhere.

O’Brien is working overtime, appearing on just about every national radio and television show to send his message. One of his main selling points is players at Penn State will play in front of 108,000 fans for each home game in Beaver Stadium.

But will they? Penn State’s fan base has been one of the largest and most passionate in the nation. The key there is the phase “has been”. Will they continue to show up for a bad team? Sure, Beaver Stadium was packed during Joe Paterno’s down years but hope always sprang eternal.  Now the Nittany Lions’ foreseeable future looks bleak.

Penn State fans’ passion for football is about to be tested, and the future success of the program is in their hands.


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