Jacksonville Should Honor Peter Bragan Sr.

Posted: July 12, 2012 in sports

Mayor Alvin Brown, the city council and anyone else in a position of authority and influence should act now and rename the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville as Peter Bragan Sr. Field at the Baseball Grounds of Jacksonville.

Bragan, who died last weekend at age 89 and after 27 years as owner of the Jacksonville Suns, deserves to have his name become a permanent part of our city’s sports landscape.

He almost immediately turned our floundering minor league baseball franchise into one of the best in the country and then was the driving force behind the building of the current ballpark, which opened in ’03 and has become a model for other cities.

Though short in stature, Senior was a giant when it came to personality and getting things done. His influence and deeds went far beyond his love of baseball.

I don’t make this suggestion lightly. And I realize other men and women have climbed mountains that should not be forgotten. I also realize that emotion often makes us quick to build statues to those who have climbed those mountains.

But I had a front row seat — and a personal relationship — for more than a quarter of a century watching Peter Senior show his love not only for baseball but also for his adopted city. That was my good fortune.

For those of us, now and in the future, who call the First Coast home, Peter Bragan Senior’s name should live forever.

  1. Wyman says:

    I never met the man, was only at the ballpark once (the old park), but I agree with you. He did more to promote baseball and sports in Jacksonville, than anyone I can think of. Words don’t explain his great marketing skills, stands filled with happy people, nor that Baseball could have been his middle name.

    I often wanted him to give Wayne Weaver some lessons in marketing the Jaguars. Actually, I wanted Weaver to hire Bragen, for I believed he had the skills to get the job done. I only hope he passed on his Bragen “magic” to his family members. Perhaps I will rarely be inside the park, but I love that someone promotes my childhood love, baseball, the way it should be done.

    Goodbye to a Jacksonville treasure.

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