College Football Playoff New, but Not Much Better

Posted: June 28, 2012 in sports
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I’m happy because a lot of college football fans are happy. If you believe what you read and hear, it is a vast majority of college football fans who clamored for a postseason playoff, any kind of playoff.

I’m happy but far from satisfied. The NCAA powerbrokers have decided to have a committee select the “best” four teams after the regular season and have them go at it for the national title starting after the 2014 season.

As I’ve said before, I think the new system will create as much, if not more, controversy than the old system.  The old No. 3 is now the new No. 5 . . . or Nos. 6, 7, 8, etc. I l love it when I hear proponents of the new system talk about how teams will now have to earn the right to play for a national title. Earn the right? No, as always, it will be a selection process.

Can we really determine which team is, say, No. 4 and which team is No. 5 unless they decide it on the field? Of course we can’t.

Some argue the new system is, at least, better than the old. I’ll give them that, but anything short of having champions of the true major conferences play off for a national title is a joke.

Want proof? You don’t have to go back any further than last season. The final regular season BCS ranking had Stanford (11-1) No. 4 and Pac-10 rival Oregon (11-2) No. 5. It didn’t matter that Oregon beat Stanford and went on the win the conference title. I assume the logic was that Stanford lost once and Oregon lost twice. Take note, however, that Oregon lost the season opener to LSU, which went on to go 13-0 before losing the BCS Championship Game to Alabama. Stanford opened the season against San Jose State and won convincingly.

In other words, if Oregon opened against Idaho State, the Ducks would have No. 4 or higher.

In 2010, the No. 4 team would have been Wisconsin (11-1) or Ohio State (11-1) or Stanford (11-1).  Pretty tough decision, huh?

In ’09, Florida (12-1) would have snubbed because they Gators finished fifth behind four unbeaten teams (Auburn, Oregon, Cincinnati or TCU). That postseason, by the way, the Gators routed Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl.

You get the point.

Now go celebrate that college football has finally come up with a playoff. It will be a short celebration because in two years you’ll be madder than ever. 


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