A Hall of Fame Vote for Roger Clemens?

Posted: June 21, 2012 in sports

Will Roger Clemens be voted into baseball’s Hall of Fame?

Absolutely not.

Should Clemens be a hall of famer?


Yes, I believe, like most people who know a baseball is round, that Clemens cheated. He was acquitted of perjury for lying to Congress about using steroids by a jury of people who don’t know the Red Sox from red socks. Besides, I think most people think lying to Congress is justified because most people think Congressmen lie all the time, but that’s another topic for another day.

Here’s my take on Clemens and the Hall of Fame:

1. I think a majority of athletes – not just Major Leaguers – at least tried steroids.

 2. We don’t know beyond a shadow of doubt if he did use steroids.

 3. The Hall is full of pitchers who cheated by throwing illegal pitches. (Think Gaylord Perry and his famous spitball.)

 4. Clemens may be the greatest pitcher of all time.

 5. I don’t think most fans care if players abuse their bodies as long as those players play well and for the right team. Image

  1. jaxjoe@comcast.net says:

    I already told you what I think about the matter, Uncle Dave.

    We still do not know “beyond a reasonable doubt” if he did use steroids.

    If a man’s character is to be weighed in the vote, then there will be many in the Hall of Fame who don’t deserve to be. Cheating on your spousal vows, taking amphetamines, spitting on the ball, corking the bat, fighting in the bar, all grounds to dismiss a player from consideration if we don’t consider that player’s performance on the field first and foremost.

    Jurors are average citizens and only see the color of their own sox in the morning. Sometimes, they don’t even match. Thank goodness that it works that way…


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