The Los Angeles Dolphins?

Posted: June 19, 2012 in sports

I want to be the first to start the rumor about the Miami Dolphins franchise moving to Los Angeles, or maybe London. Surely other members of the media will jump on this story now that we know the Dolphins are considering removing some seats — or putting tarps on them — from Sun Life Stadium’s upper deck.

The Dolphins, you see, are having trouble selling tickets. The upper deck has 35,000 seats and a team spokesman says that’s way too many.

If you’ve been to a Dolphins game or watched one on TV in recent years you had to have noticed all of the empty seats. But it was only recently that the team has publicly talked about the stadium simply being too big. Sun Life Stadium’s capacity is listed at 74,916.

As for the possibility of the franchise moving, well, that’s been the talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars for at least 10 years. Such talk amped up several years ago when then-owner Wayne Weaver decided to cover some upper deck seats at Everbank Field because of difficulty selling tickets for such a large stadium. The Jaguars trimmed capacity to about 65,000 by covering more than 10,000 upper deck seats.

Soon you can expect similar stories coming out of Tampa, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Carolina, Arizona, Oakland and perhaps a few more cities because of ticket issues.

Mmmmm . . . how many franchises will LA and London wind up having?

And now a word about NASCAR . . .

I hate myself for what I’m about to write. I don’t want to do it, but I can’t help myself. I know exactly how Oliver Stone must feel. It isn’t pleasant being a conspiracy theorist.

Well, here goes: Was anyone really surprised that Dale Earnhardt Jr. won last Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Michigan to snap a 4-year, 143-race slump?

Most of the prerace hype centered on how the race marked the 4th anniversary of Junior’s last victory. Could the sport’s most popular driver win again?

Then BAM! Junior cruises into victory lane.

Is NASCAR rigged or is it the luckiest sport in the history of sports?

Remember in July 4, 1984 when Richard Petty finally won his record 200th race when President Reagan in attendance? How about Junior winning the July Daytona race – with his incredible late charge — several months after his father died on the same track?

Shame on me for even thinking such a thing.


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