The Truth About Mo-Jo

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Mo-Jo has been outstanding.

Mo-Jo has been a team leader on and off the field.

Mo-Jo has given 100 percent whether he’s running, catching or blocking.

Mo-Jo has respected the fans and media.

Mo-Jo has been, by far, the most popular player and face of the franchise.

Mo-Jo has been a great role-mode for kids.

Mo-Jo has played with nagging injuries.

Mo-Jo has sacrificed his body.

Mo-Jo has been handsomely paid.

In other words, Maurice Jones-Drew has done what he was expected to do; what he agreed to do.

Surely he didn’t think he was being paid to fumble the ball; to be a diva in the locker room; to be a jerk around the fans and media; to give a half-hearted effort on some plays; to get injury pay for a hangnail.

So what’s the problem? Mo-Jo should get his butt to Jacksonville.


  1. Hackedoff fan! says:

    David, I totally agree with you. Doesn’t he understand the word “recession?” Perhaps he should look around in the stands, if he ever wears a Jag jersey again. Most of the people there do not live in Queen’s Harbour. We are a blue collar town. Some of the people there might even be out of work. Careful, MJD. Keep this up long and you won’t be a hero. Those cheers you will hear will not be Drooooooooooooo… it will be Booooooooooo. Boo because after you retire, you will not have to work another day of your life. Booo because if you play for the Jags two more years, you will make $9 million, Boo becasue you have turned into a “poor me guy.” Not good timing with a new owner, a new head coach, a new coaching staff and almost a whole new team. Not good timing at all MJD. Your days might be over here. There will be life after MJD. Make up your mind and either get in or out. I really think that your current position is an insult to the fans that have been so supportive of you. Ooooops, I failed to mention that we haven’t had a black-out in two years, from a fanbase that is hurting, at best. Grow up MJD. Maybe you need to “fire” your agent, not the team.

  2. Wyman says:

    I decided to look at things this way. He had his money year at the wrong time in his contract. He wants more money and probably deserves it. (Sports don’t seem to pay much attention to Recessions. Ask the NFL owners if they are taking less on their TV contract over the Recession.) Jaguars owner can’t set a precedent by tearing up a contract and paying a guy a huge increase, just because he had a career year, the year before. What makes sense is this.

    Out of respect for both the valid positions above, the Jaguars should attempt to trade Maurice Jones-Drew for the best player they can get (another # 1 or # 2 receiver and a high draft choice) and let his new team sign him to a new contract. That would hold the team position in place on contracts and would respect Mo-Jo’s need to maximize his income based on his previous production. This is not a perfect solution, but it will probably prove to be the best solution. Otherwise, ownership will take another hit and Mo-Jo probably will be injured early and never be worth his current contract, much less the contract he wants.

    But, I have decided, let’s play the season. All this other stuff is meaningless. Only the games count this year. If this team returns to 8-8, I count that a major accomplishment. With a drunk for a receiver, a doubtful QB, a running back who thinks he needs a new contract staying away, this team does not look as good as it does on paper. Trade Mo-Jo, you’ll be glad you did.

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