21st Century Hoops At It’s Finest

Posted: June 11, 2012 in NBA
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If you haven’t watched pro basketball lately, I recommend you give the NBA Championship Series a try. The Heat vs. Thunder promises to be 21st Century basketball at its finest.

I’m talking about high-flying, above-the-rim, one-on-one, race-horse basketball that doesn’t include those old-fashion violations such as travelling and palming the ball. 21st Century basketball is a series of ESPN highlights.

Few disagree the Heat and Thunder are the best teams in their conferences. Each team offers three of the best players on the planet. Miami’s LeBron James and Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant are arguably the two best players on earth.

As a bonus, the series offers the good and young (the Thunder) against the bad and older (the Heat).

James has to be the most despised superstar in all of sports. Durant is the up-and-coming superstar who waves to his mama after every basketball.

There are subplots galore. LeBron has done everything in his career but win a ring. That shouldn’t be such an albatross for him except for the fact his career has been a PR nightmare. It’s bad enough that he has such nicknames as “King James” and “The Chosen One” but he turned up the heat on himself with the over-the-top way he announced his decision to leave Cleveland for Miami and then telling the world that in Miami he’d win “not one, not, not three . . . not seven” world championships.

Meanwhile, teammate Dwayne Wade has gone from being Mr. Nice Guy to being considered something of a jerk. Chris Bosh epitomizes “playing in the shadows”.

The Thunder has quickly risen from the outhouse to knocking on the penthouse door. While Durant has won three straight scoring titles, Russell Westbrook has gone from an out of control point guard to being considered among the best at his position. James Harden is a scoring machine off the bench who also excels on defense.

Ironically, the championship could come down to whether or not one of the Heat’s other shooters gets hot or if OKC’s Serge Ibaka‘s long arms keep the Heat slashers from driving to the hoop.

The Thunder is favored, but I like the Heat in seven games. Regardless of which team wins the title, if you don’t like the basketball in this series, then you truly don’t like pro basketball.


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