Blackmon? I’m Not Buying It…

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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From my perspective, Justin Blackmon wasn’t very convincing with his apology when he met with the media on Wednesday. He says he doesn’t have a problem with alcohol. He says he’ll accept whatever counseling he’s ordered to get. He’s sorry for the “bad press” the Jaguars received.

At no point did he talk about needing or wanting help. At no point did he talk about how his actions might hurt the franchise on the field.

I don’t know if he has a problem. Even if he does, I do know thousands of professional athletes have drunk alcohol to excess and abused drugs and still performed well on the field. More heavy drinkers and drug abusers, however, have fallen well short of expectations and grossly shortened their careers.

Which category will Blackmon fall into? Don’t know. But based on what’s happened and Blackmon’s response, I won’t be surprised either way.

Let’s be brutally honest about this situation with Blackmon. While I can’t imagine anyone who isn’t hoping he conquers his personal problems, all that really matters for the Jaguars organization and its fans is Blackmon getting his act together so he can become a star wide receiver.

Even before he signs a contract, the Jaguars have much invested in Blackmon. The value of the 5th overall pick in the draft is enormous.

The success or failure of Blackmon on the field likely will play a key role in how many victories the Jaguars earn in the foreseeable future. Victories translate into making the playoffs, and being a playoff team means millions of dollars through ticket, concession, parking, corporate sponsorship and merchandise sales.

Of course the Jaguars are standing behind Blackmon following his second DUI and speeding arrest. Of course Blackmon means it when he says there won’t be other off-the-field problems.

All we know for sure is he has two strikes against him and, as it’s been proven in baseball, playing with two strikes puts an athlete at a major disadvantage.

  1. Garry says:

    Why is he pleading not guilty? That is what I would have asked. Sounds like he is still not taking responsibility for his own actions.

  2. Wayne Bailey says:

    David, I agree with you. I am really angered when I see Blackmon entering and exiting the courtroom in OK. City laughing and cutting up with his group of friends. This is no laughing matter. You were an embarrassment to your family, your new team, your new city and all of those who call you friend. That is no time to be cutting up. I am not impressed and I think this is more than unfortunate for a city and a team that were counting on you! Perhaps you were the “golden boy” in Oklahoma. You are nowhere near that in Jacksonville. You now start at the very bottom. Be careful. You are not a kid anymore. Stop acting like it!


  3. NASCAR MIKE says:

    The first part of having a problem is DENIL.

  4. says:


    I heard Jeff and Dan going over the “stats” the other morning. For a guy his weight to blow a 2.4, three times the limit, would mean he would have to consume 12 to 15 drinks without metabolizing that much alcohol in time (what’s that, 12 hours?) …. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? !!!

    I’ll confess that I have been known to tie one on after a good round of golf or a rough day at work but in my book of “stats”, that’s usually about 4 to 6 drinks over a four to six hour period, and then it’s time for some supper and bed. The one rule that I have under this roof about it all is that the car keys are on the counter when I indulge, NOT in my pocket and certainly NOT in the ignition!

    Bad judgement? Indeed. Dumb move? Yes. Pardonable for a youngster who just got the biggest break of his life? Maybe.

    Not a problem? Well, only time will tell but downing 12 to 15 drinks at any celebratory occassion leads one to believe that there may be a real problem behind it all, at any age or weight.

    I’m with you and the rest of Jagville in that I sincerely hope these two incidents are just isolated immaturity and carelessness, something we all experienced in some form or another as we grew up. Let us hope and pray that this young man’s growth into adulthood does not end in failure because of “wild oats” or worse (as with Matt Jones), total disregard for the blessed opportunity to succeed…


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