Dog Days of Summer

Posted: June 5, 2012 in sports
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Summer begins June 1 for me. Maybe it is because in my youth the school year ended in late May and the new year started in September. Whatever, the dog days of summer have arrived. Among the things I hope to see happen this summer are:

• Justin Blackmon add a designated driver to his posse. I don’t know if he has a drinking problem, but if the Jaguars’ 1st-round draft pick can’t behave himself this close to signing a contract that could set himself up for life financially, then he’s either immature or stupid or both.

• The Spurs beat the Heat for the NBA title. This isn’t about hating LeBron James, but about my admiration for Greg Popovich, Tim Duncan and the way the Spurs play the game.

• The city administration and the Jaguars just get along and stop the nit picking. If would help if the Jaguars didn’t always expect to receive and never give.

• Florida State win the NCAA baseball championship because Coach Mike Martin deserves a ring.

• Tiger Woods win a major championship. Love him or hate him, pro golf is more fun when Tiger is winning. Golf has gotten more main stream media hype in the last 20 hours or so since Tiger won the Memorial than it has in weeks.

• Dale Earnhardt Jr. win a NASCAR Sprint Cup race. See Tiger item.

• Evan Longoria get healthy and the pitching staff live up to expectation so the Tampa Bay Rays can win the American League East.

• Tim Tebow win the Jets’ starting quarterback job so I can hearing the Tebow naysayers whine and cry some more.

• The Jaguars sell out the season.

• Florida football coach Will Muschamp allow himself to exhale and connect with the Gator fan base. All work and no play will make him old before his time – and get him fired sooner than later

• I break 90 on the golf course one more time.



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