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Posted: May 8, 2012 in sports
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Before I get caught up writing about The Players this week, there are several things ping ponging around the sport’s world about which I’m compelled to comment.

• Is it really news worthy that playing big time football for several years likely causes brain trauma? Of course it does. Football is a brutal sport. Years of playing often lead to arthritis, joint replacement and other ailments. My point is stop bickering about if football causes postseason problems for athletes and start seriously looking for solutions, be it better equipment or more rules. Or except the consequences. Or ban the sport.

• It’s too early to say I told you so, but the Angels’ $250 million investment in Albert Pujols was a bad move.

• The Knicks’ Amar’e Stoudemire gets high marks for stupidity and selfishness and I wouldn’t have him on my NBA team.

• Exactly what are these media types seeing when they tell us how good the Colts’ Andrew Luck and the Vikings’ Matt Kalil, for two examples, looked last week working out during mini rookie camps? Weren’t they basically running around in shorts and T’s?

• I have a hard time getting into the opening round of the NBA playoffs because doesn’t the higher seed team always win? (Okay, I know there are a few exceptions, but very few.) Meanwhile, I wished I liked hockey more because from a competitive point of view the NHL playoffs are as good as sports get.

• NASCAR racing loves a good feud, and it’s okay if a couple of competitors trade a few punches, shoves and wraps. But what should happen when Danica Patrick, who can’t drive a lick in my opinion and is strictly a marketing tool, starts something? Just asking because Patrick likes to talk tough and rub paint.

• Speaking of NASCAR, what has happened to Jeff Gordon? I know the Hendrick Team cars are having problems in general and Gordon has had more than his share of bad luck, but he looks like a guy satisfied to finish 20th.

There you go.  Now you may discuss…

  1. andreaallennyc says:

    Regarding Andrew Luck’s minicamp, people were primarily raving about how quickly he was learning the play book, how he called the plays in the huddle (30 words long, off the top of his head). You think he’s smarter in a t-shirt and shorts and will get dumb in pads, etc. Don’t be such a grinch!

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