Sports’ Top Five BAD Guys

Posted: May 3, 2012 in sports
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Okay, I’ve told you who I felt were the most beloved superstar athletes playing today. Now let’s talk about the villains . . . the guys who wear the black hats . . . the most disliked/hated/loathed superstar jocks playing today. Of course even the most hated athletes have their fans, but my experience tells me there’s a clear list of athletes who a majority of fans want to see fail whether the misdeed is striking out, throwing an interception, missing a short putt or throwing up an airball.

There are a few candidates who qualify for dishonorable mention. They include NBA players Dwight Howard of the Heat and Carmelo Anthony of the Knicks, NFL quarterbacks Jay Cutler of the Bears and Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers and NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon and Kyle Busch. Also, the list is only for active players and, this Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, among others, aren’t eligible.

The most hated superstars?

5. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers guard — Some athletes simply don’t connect with fans and Kobe is one of them. He was seen as a whiner because Shaq O’Neal was a bigger celebrity as the Lakers were winning three straight NBA titles. He’s seen as a selfish player who’s never seen a shot he didn’t like and considers passing the ball beneath his status. Along the way he faced rape charges. Even though they were dropped few seemed to sympathize with him. Two more titles have helped a little, but not much.

4. LeBron James, Miami Heat, forward – Though no fault of his own he was labeled King James before he was old enough to legally drink alcohol. It was his fault, however, that he decided to announce his leaving Cleveland and signing with the Heat in a one-hour show on national TV called “The Decision”. His line, “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”, clearly rubbed fans the wrong way. Then he announced his new team would win “no one, not two, not three . . . championships” blah, blah, blah. Fans love to point out he’s never won an NBA title.

3. Alex Rodriguez, New York Yankees third baseman – His status as a villain was established the moment he signed a 10-year, $250 million contract with the Texas Rangers, Then he went to the Yankees and a dynasty became a near-miss franchise. His post-season stats sucked. Then there was the admission of using performance enhancement drugs and all of those strikeouts with men on base.

2. Tiger Woods, PGA Tour – He established a new standard for a superstar being aloof. While piling up major championship victories he walked the fairways with a frown and seldom made eye contact with the fans. He guarded his privacy like he did his money. And then there was the fire hydrant crash and the womanizing scandal.

1. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback – Mistreating animals is bad enough, but it turned out Vick was the main man in the dog fighting world, and that included killing dozens of dogs in and out of the pit. Prison time followed before he returned to the NFL. Fans will forgive almost any sin but killing dogs isn’t one of them. He’s said he reformed, but most fans are thrilled every time he throws a pick.

Let me know if you have a different list.


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