Sports’ Top Five Good Guys

Posted: May 2, 2012 in sports
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We’re always talking about the bad guys in sports. We label them as arrogant, spoiled, thuggish and overpaid.

But what about the most beloved of today’s sports superstars? There are actually plenty of good guys, athletes who play hard and well, who appreciate their good fortune and who show respect for fans.

Who are today’s most beloved superstar athletes? Obviously, we don’t know these men personally, but through their actions on and off the playing field we admire them.

Two near misses to make my list are Angels first baseman Albert Pujols, who lost some love when he bolted from St. Louis to Los Angeles in what is perceived as a money grab, and Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning, who unwittingly irritated some fans on his “free agent” recruiting trip and catches heat for winning only one Super Bowl while compiling record shattering stats.

Here’s my Top 5 list of Beloved Superstars:

5. Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback – He’d be easy to dislike. He has a trio of Super Bowl rings, a drop-dead gorgeous wife who is a top worldwide model and is rich enough to bail out Greece from its economic woes. But he plays like a rookie trying to win a roster spot, looks fans and media in the eye and is never seen acting like a diva/quarterback.

4. Roger Federer, pro tennis – He’s a little past his prime, but remains a world class player. He plays without a lot of flair and seldom acts like a brat in a sport loaded with brats.

3. Phil Mickelson, PGA Tour – He walks the fairways and actually acts as if he’s glad the fans are there. Whether he plays well or bad, he understands the job of the media. And talk about smiling? He’s a modern day version of Arnold Palmer.

2. Derek Jeter, New York Yankees shortstop – He has managed to avoid the scandal sheets even though he works and lives in the Big Apple. His smile seems permanently tattooed on his face. He’s quick to tip his cap to the crowd. He’s always available for interviews and says the right thing.

1. Tim Duncan, San Antonio Spurs center-forward — He’s known as Mr. Fundamental because he’s as close to the perfect basketball player as you’ll find. He’s never been touched by scandal. His charitable deeds in his adopted hometown are legendary.

What about Tim Tebow and NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt? Both are beloved by millions, but neither is a superstar. And the folks who don’t love them strongly dislike them. There aren’t many people who are neutral when you mention their names.

Got your own list of most beloved superstar athletes? Tell me who’s on it.

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