NFL’s Top 100 Countdown? Really?

Posted: May 1, 2012 in NFL
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The NFL Network takes great pride in its annual list of the Top 100 players. The list is compiled from a vote of the players themselves.

Who is a better judge of the best players than the players themselves?

Almost anyone, I say.

Players are notorious for not paying attention or caring about what’s going on around them. And they have a plate loaded with personal agendas. They tend to downgrade players at their own position to enhance their own status. They tend to vote for friends and not vote for people they don’t like. And they tend not to take part in such endeavors. According to reports, about 20 percent of the players bothered to even cast votes for the Top 100 list.

How would you best select the top 100 players? Understanding there is no really good way, the most accurate list would come from a select panel of coaches, head coach and assistants, and players. I’m talking about players who take the assignment seriously and are known as film room guys. I’m talking about players who have nothing to prove and little to hide.

The votes would have to be cast anonymously. Only then would you have a list worth seriously debating.

Players No. 91 through from 100 have been announced. Tim Tebow, by the way, was surprisingly named the 95th best player. I say surprisingly not because he’s not the 95th player but because he really hasn’t had time to prove or earn such a distinction. The NFL work Network will release 10 new names each Thursday.

Enjoy the list for what it is: Something to talk about and promote the NFL Network.



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