With the 7th Overall Pick, The Jaguars Select…

Posted: April 26, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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The Jaguars hope they don’t have the 7th pick in tonight’s NFL draft. They want to trade down. But if they can’t work out a trade, who should they select with the 7th overall pick?

Pardon my Gene Smith impersonation, but they should take the highest rated player on their board regardless of position. Well, almost regardless, considering the possibility that Alabama running back Trent Richardson and one of those highly rated interior offensive linemen are still available.

The Jaguars need to improve their overall level of talent. Talent wins in the NFL and the Jaguars are lacking in that area. Teams can’t have too much talent in a profession where careers are often short and come to abrupt endings.

You can scream for the Jaguars to draft a wide receiver, pass rusher or a cornerback, but the bottom line is you have to have faith in General Manager’s Smith judgment. I know that isn’t easy to do, based on Smith’s short track record, but we’re at Smith’s mercy. He’s the man who makes the call and for him to do anything other than take “the best player available” would be foolish and a sign of panic at 1 Everbank Field Drive.

Fans want the Jaguars to make a splash, but think about it, what player likely to be available would make a splash? Does defensive end/outside linebacker Melvin Ingram really excite you? Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox? Cornerback Stephon Gilmore? Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick? Defensive end Quinton Coples? Wide receiver Michael Floyd? Offensive guard David DeCastro? Wide receiver Stephen Hill?

Unless WR Justin Blackmon surprisingly falls to No.7, there is no one the Jaguars could select who would create a consensus of excitement from Jaguars fans.

Nothing in all of sports creates so much talk by people who basically have no idea what the hell they’re talking about. If you don’t mind doing the research, check out the track record of the predictions made by these so-called experts. Be skeptical, too, of people who tell you how much film they studied of the various players. I actually heard a radio show caller this week put down a prospect because “I’ve studied film on this guy and there’s no way the Jaguars should take him.”

Really? Where’d this guy get the film to study? Does it count as “studying the film” if you watched a prospect play some games on TV?

Here’s what I hope Smith has done: accurately evaluated the prospects. Here’s I hope Smith does tonight: make the correct pick.

For the record, after extensively listening and reading dozens of experts and watching who knows how many games, my gut tells me the Jaguars take South Carolina’s Ingram. Don’t put that in the bank.

The best news about tonight’s draft is it will be over. Well at least the first round will be.


  1. Way to stick your neck out there!

  2. Wyman says:

    You can’t have too many good players on your offensive and defensive line. The more of those you have the better you are and the greater your options for finding what else you need. No matter who they draft, this Jaguars team looks no better than 8-8, if the team is lucky. Build both lines and look for receivers with football factory school experience. It’s going to be a long season. The new owner didn’t put up like he said he would. He shut up. No bold moves for this team. The new owner is choosing to keep his money in his pocket, then telling Jaguar fans, fans must open their wallets and spend, spend, spend, and act like you are enjoying it or he will be offended. Didn’t want it to turn out that way and maybe it will change, but right now, looks like we have a “content to lose” owner.

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