Hey Pot Roast…Something Smells Fishy

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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When are we going to learn that cover-ups seldom, if ever, work? In this world of social media, there are eyes and ears everywhere. Secrets and lying about what happened are things of the past.

Latest case in point is the ongoing Terrance “Pot Roast” Knighton story. Knighton – and not his agent — needs to come clean about what happened in the early hours of Sunday morning at a local nightclub. If he was a victim, say so publicly. If he used bad judgment, admit it and ask for forgiveness.

What we know for sure is Knighton sustained an injury to his head and at least one eye that required surgery.

A police report states Knighton was involved in an altercation, appeared to have been drinking and threatened, along with a friend, on several occasions to shoot someone.

All we’ve heard from Knighton is a tweet thanking his fans and saying he’ll be fine. His agent, Tony Fleming, is quoted as saying, “Terrance was not involved in an altercation. His friend was involved.” Fleming also said Knighton didn’t threaten to shoot anyone.

How the hell would he know? He wasn’t there as far as we know. He is saying the off duty police officer who filed the report is lying. If so, that needs investigating, too.

People on both sides on the story have rushed to judgment. One side screams about Knighton being a thug and typical of so many spoiled athletes. The other side screams Knighton is a fine young man who did nothing wrong and has every right to go clubbing.

First, how many of us really know Knighton? Too many people, including the media, talk about an athlete’s character but honestly know little about the athlete other than as a player. Second, an athlete, like anyone else of legal age, has a right to go clubbing, but high profile athletes should be aware of the potential landmines. Call it one of the prices they pay for fame and success.

If Knighton is guilty of wrongdoing in the eyes of the law, he should be punished like anyone else. If Knighton is guilty of dumb behavior in the eyes of the Jaguars, he should be punished like any other player. If he’s an innocent victim, I hope he learns from the experience.

Whatever, I hope we all agree on two things: Be honest about what happened and get well.


  1. Wyman says:

    Why do we never hear of Jaguars winning these altercations? If they can’t whup the Homeboys of Jacksonville, how can they expect to win in the NFL? The Jaguars either need to acquire a team of highly talented religious players again, who don’t go clubbing, or find meaner, tougher players than they have today. Jaguar players are turning into the laughing stock of the NFL. Can’t win on the field; can’t win in the club.

    Okay, I’m only kidding. Yt Jaguar players do seem to come out on the short end of the stick in the cases I hear and read about. Maybe that is good; maybe not. Thankfully, it appears there were no guns involved. Sadly, alcohol is too large a part of our cultural social life. Pot Roast and most of the males in the club, were of an age, where statistics tell us, they are more apt to engage in violent behavior. There are probably a variety of ways violent confrontations can be reduced, if instituted. These things need to be looked into. In some cases, laws need to be enacted, other cases club rules need to exist, and be strongly enforced, and in a city filled with Psychologists, their imput is needed on better ways to prevent confrontations before they begin.

    However, people are more likely to laugh at my absurd attempt at humor, than to examine deeply my suggestions, which might reduce violence in this city. If not Pot Roast today (thank goodness) then soon someone out clubbing will be maimed for life or murdered, simply because Jacksonville chose to stay with the status quo, rather than turn the Pot Roast Incident into a call to action. I hope I’m wrong. How about it David Lamm? You know lots of leaders in this city. Think you can get them interested in going beyond the status quo? Or how about 1010XL getting involved, since you are one man, slowing down, and like me, ideas you have plenty, but physical health and stamina, maybe not so much anymore. Just a thought.

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