Jacksonville, Make Tim Tebow Proud…

Posted: March 23, 2012 in NFL
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Jacksonvillians, stop it!

You do realize how irrational you sound? How crazy you sound?

Tim Tebow is a wonderful human being. If you don’t love/admire/respect him, you’re the problem. But he’d be the first to tell you to stop worshipping him. Such feelings go against everything he believes; go against the way he lives his life.

He may turn out to be a great NFL quarterback. He may not. In many ways it would be great if he played pro football in his hometown. In some ways maybe not so great.

Whatever, this unprecedented outpouring of venom against the Jaguars for not acquiring him is so over-the-top that it’s embarrassing. I understand how having Tebow in a Jaguar uniform would make many of you happy.

What I don’t understand is how not having him in a Jaguar uniform brings out such hate. There’s no doubt in my mind that Tim would be the first to tell you the same thing.

A recent caller to 1010xl sports talk radio said he’d rather watch four years of the Jaguars not making the playoffs with Tebow than four years of the Jaguars making the playoffs without Tebow. Another caller said she’d buy season tickets to watch Tebow stand on the sideline as a backup but wouldn’t buy them without Tebow on the roster. Still another caller said he had the same feeling when he heard the Jets had acquired Tebow as he did when he learned his brother had died.

Such logic defies commonsense. Everyone has a right to have an opinion, but some opinions are so whacky it’s scary.

I truly have never known a human being who commanded such devotion. Thank goodness, Tebow seems determined to put such devotion to a far bigger cause than professional football. He seems wise beyond his years, using football more as a tool to spread the word of his religious faith and perform charitable deeds rather than a tool to thrill sports fans and make money.

Many of his most devoted followers totally miss that point.

You have a right NOT to buy Jaguars tickets. You don’t need a reason. You have a right to buy Jaguars tickets because you enjoy the NFL experience and/or think it is good for business and our city.

You can think Shahid Kahn is a horrible owner and Gene Smith is an awful general manager. You can agree or disagree with which players they sign and draft.

But let’s stop the hate. The way I see it, I’d rather have Tebow be part of Jacksonville as man than a quarterback no matter what kind of quarterback he turns out to be.

You love Tim Tebow? Then listen to what he says when he’s out of uniform, no matter which uniform he wears.


  1. Thank you, Uncle Dave, for preaching some common sense. We have been short of it most of this week. What we haven’t been short of is irrational anger over the Tebow trade. The guy is completely polarizing and carries a lot of baggage wherever he goes….none of it his!

  2. Steve D says:

    People love him as a messenger but seem to completely the genuinely excellent message he conveys. Not our finest hour.

  3. Sneaky Short says:

    Thank you Jacksonville for the entertaining calls on Wednesday. I’m not a Jag fan nor do I have any emotional investment in the fortunes or misfortunes of #15. Listening to men and women talk of hate, resentment and dissappointment truly had me in stitches. Thank you Jax for showing your true backwards ways and proving why this will always be a minor league city.

  4. Doug Westberry says:

    One of your finest. What we need in this situation is for someone to express both truth and common sense without being inflammatory. You just demonstrated how to do that!

  5. Mark Trauthwein says:

    Uncle Dave, you could not have said it better. TIM is a great person and I do not believe he wants the adoration he is receiving. As for the Jaguars, I believe they made an honest effort to acquire TIM, but in the end the business transaction did not come to pass. This is a business and I feel the Jaguar organization is trying to build a playoff team. Best of luck to Tebow but we need to move on and neo.g back the winning ways if this franchise.

  6. Rich says:

    Nice try Dave… but the Jaguars ain’t got nothin’ to do with us and we ain’t got nothin’ to do with them. Miss after miss after miss, a decade of suck and they can’t give us our one shot, our so called “miss”. They ‘re just a complete waste of time and I am beyond done with them.

    Now talk to me about how much band width you guys are going to be giving the Jets going forward, live remotes, special reports, maybe a partnership with a local Jets station?

  7. inipdzip says:

    I agree with your dogma, Guru. But people here love, want and follow him for what he is a passionate winner that lets nothing bring him down or stand in his way. What I am feeling is that the Jag have deceived us into believing they “TRIED” to get him. We heard KHAN, insert foot in mouth. we also know Gene Smith does not want Tim. Yet they put on this facade for the Jag/Tebow fans, that pissed us off, CRAZY ? How is it that we know what he can do for this franchise and Management can not ? Is it because we lack the Creative Intelligence to deal with a cultural icon. Sad, Because of just the talk of Tebow and Jacksonville, we were in the national media more last week since… the “Ambush at MIle High”
    Dave, the big picture is to keep the Team here, right ? Lets hope thats just “STRIKE TWO”

  8. cHaOs says:

    Jacksonville is not an NFL city!!! This is more evident now than even. This is the worst display of football knowledge I’ve seen from a fan base of any pro team. A fan base that would rather embrace Tebow than support the team they feared losing 12 months ago. These are not NFL fans! They don’t want or deserve a pro football team, they want to have fellowship. I feel sorry for the real Jacksonville football fans.

    • inipdzip says:

      cHaOs has not been around much and HIS lack of “Football” knowledge is obvious. This IS the evidence that we ARE a NFL City, Its defined as Passion, Fanatical emotion a mania or call it Rage and Anger. Its standard procedure the same with every NFL CITY to some degree for 75 years.
      It doesn’t matter who you want on the team. It only maters that you WANT, you CARE, you have ZEAL for the team. Ask any Redskin, Steeler or Eagle fan you will find similar dialog. Did you not witness how NUTS Eagle fan became when they drafted Donavan McNabb ? Or how abusive Jet fans became when they signed Favre. Be happy that we talk about it. Its healthy. We ARE Jaguars,
      We ARE NFL, less the population, not less the enthusiasm.

  9. Derek Johnson says:

    It is pretty curious that Jaguars “fans”, who look apathetic from afar, got so riled up over a quarterback who is so limited as an NFL player. But I can see a point: if the Jaguars are going to serve up a mediocre meal, they might as well buy the ingredients locally.

    • inipdzip says:

      Funny how some get so used to the taste of Mediocrity, Open one’s eyes and see that the Jaguars have been plating it up, and YOU have been perfectly to happy eat it for TEN years.
      While others seek enthusiasm and excitement. LOCAL or NOT

  10. cjaxjazz says:

    The reason why I don’t have an interest in bringing home boy to Jax is, I just want to win. Eleven wins will bring excitement. The Jets will have a hard time this coming season. Their excitement will be in the headlines, not on the field.

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