The TRUTH About Jags QBs

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Sports fans, aren’t you tired of being treated like idiots by coaches, players, owners and general managers?

They speak and we’re supposed to take their words as gospel no matter of illogical or stupid they are.

Latest case in point: Jaguars say signing quarterback Chad Henne doesn’t mean they are concerned about Blaine Gabbert?

Of course the Jaguars are concerned about Gabbert. He was lousy as a rookie last season. That doesn’t mean the Jags have given up on Gabbert, but they don’t sign a fourth-year pro with more than two years as a starter to be a backup. Obviously Henne thinks he can be a starter again. Obviously the Jaguars told him he’d be given a fair shot at starting. Otherwise, why’d Henne stop listening to other teams interested in him?

Here’s what the Jaguars should say: “We still believe Gabbert can be the quarterback we thought he was when we drafted him 10th overall last season, but the opportunity to sign Henne was too attractive to pass. Gabbert clearly has some issues that surfaced last season. Whoever our quarterback is needs more help and we’re doing everything we can to address those needs. We think Gabbert will improve, but we also feel Henne’s potential hasn’t been reached. He has shown he can be a winner in the NFL. The competition will help both men. We will evaluate them during the offseason and name a starter based on their performances.”

I never have understood why teams and many media feel it’s necessary to put the starting quarterback’s name in stone I never understood why it’s insulting to a quarterback that he’ll face competition for his job just like every other player. Indeed, competition brings out the best in most people. A quarterback who doesn’t like competition is a quarterback I don’t want playing for my team.

I know this: If Gabbert plays like he did last season the Jaguars are in for another losing season. Perhaps Gabbert will make great strides in 2012. But that’s a big gamble. It’s obvious it’s a gamble new coach Mike Mularkey wasn’t willing to make without a Plan B.

Smart move. Why wouldn’t the Jaguars want to take credit for it? Worried about hurting Gabbert’s feelings? A pro athlete’s who’s so sensitive ought to look into another line of work. Who doesn’t agree with that?

I understand there are times when teams want to hide the truth to gain a competitive edge. Injuries certainly aren’t accurately reported, for example. Who a team is trying to sign and wanting to draft are other examples. But team spokesmen are so conditioned to lying (or at least hiding the truth) that they don’t seem to know how to be honest when the truth is obvious.

I think athletes and fans are smart enough to handle the truth.


  1. Wyman says:

    Gee, that made so much sense it was scary. Maybe the Jaguars should hire you as their spokesman. I would love to see Gabbert get another year or two learning as a back-up QB, because I think he needs it. After that, it’s make or break time.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I’m going to get out of the way. There’s going to be a Tebow Tsunami headed this way, so grab your life preserver David Lamm. I hear the huge wave of “GET TEBOW” shouts behind me already. I’m gone. Good luck with your Tebow post Lamm! TEBOW MANIA RIDES AGAIN!!!!!!!

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