Tim Tebow…a Jaguar?

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Tim Tebow a Jaguar? The thought gives me a tingle. Personally, I’d love it. I’d love the buzz it would create. Tebow love on the First Coast would be over the top. Yeah, Tebow hate would be over the top, too.

Absolutely ticket sales would go through the roof. The tarps would be pulled off. If national media exposure is important to you – and it obviously is for a lot of you although I’ve never understood why – you’d be in hog heaven.

That said, if I owned the Jaguars I wouldn’t touch Tebow. If I was general manager of the Jaguars I’d fight against it. If I was the coach of the Jaguars I’d pray it didn’t happen.

I was among the minority in the media who didn’t think the Jaguars should draft Tebow in 2010. I had – and still do – serious doubts about him ever being anything more than a serviceable quarterback in the NFL. I love the man. I admire him. I respect him. I appreciate his athletic skills. No question, he’s as much of a gamer as I’ve ever seen in sports.

His quarterback fundamentals – or lack of – don’t really concern me. Unorthodox players have succeeded in every sport in every era. Tebow proved last year he could be a winning quarterback in the NFL.

I just don’t think his skills translate to being a championship quarterback in the NFL unless the way the game is played changes drastically.

I’ve said many times the Jaguars should make a serious play for Peyton Manning because I truly believe Manning could bring a championship to Jacksonville if he can still play anywhere near how’s he’s played throughout his career. Yes, I believe he could accomplish that now with the Jaguars if the current roster was tweaked here (top wide receiver) and there (a top pass rusher).

As much as I wish I didn’t feel this way, I can’t see Tebow turning the Jaguars into champions.

A roster with Tebow and Blaine Gabbert as your quarterbacks would be a nightmare. While I don’t have much confidence in Gabbert, he’d be totally useless with Tebow as a teammate. There’d be almost nothing Gabbert could do to convince many Jaguars fans he deserved to start instead of Tebow.

I can only imagine the outrage of the Jaguars fans if the team had a chance to get Tebow and said no –again. I can’t even imagine the outrage if that happened and Tebow went on to become a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback in Denver or somewhere else.

I just know my head keeps telling my heart that the Jaguars acquiring Tebow would be a bad move.


  1. Mark Purvis says:

    I agree with this. I may have a different opinion a year from now if Gabbert continues to look like he is going to mess in his pants every time someone is about to hit him. I wanted Manning but no ‘game changing’ QB is going to come to Jacksonville until they show some commitment to winning and I’m not sure I see that right now. Tebow won’t turn the Jags into champions, but the jury is still out on Gabbert.

  2. cheapseat junkie says:

    Uncle Dave,
    I think you hit the nail on the head, while I never understood why I felt that way about Tebow, after reading your opinion everything made sense.

    Shad Khan could really get the fan support off to a good start by bringing in Tim.
    That would bring excitement and a certain edge to the team but I too don’t think he can take them to the promise land.

    Shad, if you listening….. making a play for that Manning kid would secure your “Idol” status in this town for quite some time!! I can see it now beating the Colts twice a year with their QB!

    Ahhh…. a guy can dream can’t he?

  3. Wyman says:

    Bottom line, Tebow is a winner. Given time he will find a way to win. Plus, I would like to see the Jaguars get Tebow and not only use him as a QB, but see if he might be capable of playing some fullback and tightend. You could do some things if you had Gabbert and Tebow in the backfield at the same time. Defenses couldn’t be sure of who might do the passing. Then even a little flip pass or shuffle pass to Maurice Jones-Drew might lead to a long run for a touchdown.

    I’m no expert when it comes to running football plays, but having two guys in the same backfield who can pass seems like more of a defensive challege to me than a lot of more traditional plays. Just an opinion, though. I say, get Tebow, if possible.

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