Jacksonville SHOULD Be Peyton’s Place

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Once again I make this plea to Jaguars owner Shahid Kahn: Go after Peyton Manning. I urge you to go all in. Hand him the keys to the city, the stadium and your yacht.

DO NOT listen to the naysayers. Why so many outsiders paint our city in a negative light is simply a matter of ignorance. Why Jacksonvillians have such an inferiority complex still remains a mystery to me after living here for 35 years. I’m amazed at how many smart First Coast people – people in the know when it comes to the NFL – insist the future Hall of Fame quarterback would never consider signing with the Jaguars.

“Why not?” I ask them.

“Ah, well, he just wouldn’t,” they respond.

Huh? That’s your best answer?

I love Jacksonville. It’s a wonderful place to live and rear a family. Why would anyone assume Peyton and his family wouldn’t love living here?

From a football perspective few teams can offer more than the Jaguars. Okay, the Jaguars have a mediocre set of wide receivers, but Manning makes receivers better. Besides, talented and proven receivers tend to go where the best quarterbacks are. Think the top free agent receivers wouldn’t look at Jacksonville more favorably if Manning was the quarterback? Sure they would.

There are many pluses for Manning in Jacksonville. The most obvious are tailback Maurice Jones-Drew, a good, young defense and strong special teams. He also would be arriving in town along with a new coach, Mike Mularkey, who has a good reputation for his offensive mind. Together they could build an offense. That’s a far better situation than stepping into a situation where a veteran coach’s ego would be tested; his authority in danger of being usurped.

And, please, don’t give me the big market-small market debate. Manning has played his entire career in Indianapolis, which is much closer to Jacksonville than New York, Chicago or Dallas.

Obviously playing in Indy hasn’t hurt Peyton’s celebrity. How many more national endorsement deals can one man have? With today’s technology and the popularity of the NFL, there’s no media exposure advantage or disadvantage from one market to another. As for nightlife, sure there’s more in New York and Miami, but I’m pretty sure Peyton won’t make his decision based on the number of nightclubs a city has. Manning is more of the golfer-fisherman type. Jacksonville has the edge over most cities in those areas.

This isn’t a new pitch by me. I’ve been saying and writing this same story since it became official the Colts would have the No. 1 draft pick (welcome to Indy, Mr. Andrew Luck) and the team likely would release Manning. I fought a similar battle for 15 years when I insisted it wasn’t a pipedream that Jacksonville would one day get an NFL franchise in spite of the guffaws from near and far.

Bottom line for Kahn: Pursue Manning with every thing you have. It is totally a win-win situation. Even if the Jaguars aren’t successful, the pursuit alone would be good for the fans’ psyche and the image of the franchise and the city.

If you’re with me, send a message that “This is Peyton’s Place”.  Share this post with every Jag fan you know, post it on every message board.  1010XL is even running a photo contest on our Facebook page to get you motivated and make sure Shad and the Everbank Gang know what the people want (and the $1000 prize for the top vote-getter isn’t too shabby, either).


  1. Mark Purvis says:

    If it helps, bring in Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon, then focus on O-line and defense in the draft. If the Jags can pull this off, I don’t see why they can’t at least win the division next year.

  2. Lee says:

    What a great idea, Dave. While they’re at it, the Jaguars could sign Art Monk and Jerry Rice for Manning to throw to, and make MJD be the backup to Barry Sanders. Then change the name to the Jacksonville Geriatrics…

    If Peyton really had that much left in the tank, Jim Irsay would have found a way to keep him with the Colts. But the reality is, it’s a young man’s league. And a 36-year old QB with a bum neck and reduced arm strength isn’t someone I’d bet my money on…

  3. Mike says:

    Jacksonville would no longer be a no name city. Bring Peyton and media from all over the world would be here. Jacksonville would always be in the news, on ESPN, and in the middle of anyone’s football conversation.

  4. Robert says:

    This is a stupid idea we trade a 2nd round pick to move up and get Gabbert throw him into the fire in an old out dated single or two WR sets run first offense and then bring in a hole new coaching staff that builds and designs an entire offense around Gabbert to bring in Manning and have to change the playbook agian to fit Payton and sit Gabbert for three to four years and then Gabbert’s contract will be up we have to either pay him big money to resign him or draft another QB and maybe go through another year of rookie QB woe’s. This is a dumb Idea this is Gabberts team you have to see what the kid can do so stop with the knee jerk reactions Lamb and please start doing your homework. If Gabbert improves then the team is set at QB for the next ten years!

  5. Calvin says:

    Why do I feel conned by Kahn? You came in flashing your yacht and your desire to build a real team…so far you’ve hired a guy named Malarkey and are passing on the biggest free agency grab in history. I didn’t really think Manning would come here but you don’t even try? Wow – so far you have been very dissapointing or you’ve been brainwashed by Gene Smith. Maybe you have something big planned and I’ll eat my words but somehow I feel the same ole same ole Jags this season – minus the big world wide splash and just the annoying drip.

  6. Wyman says:

    1. Peyton you would play in the same division as Colts; a division you have dominated.
    2. Peyton, parting was sweet sorrow, but a little revenge twice a year against the Colts would be sweet Peyton.
    3. Jaguars have played hard, with passion, against Peyton led Colts teams. Knowing this Peyton, imagine how hard and passionate players will play, if you come here.
    4. Jacksonville is more like Indianapolis than most of the other cities you will look at.
    5. Peyton, fans know their football in Jacksonville.
    6. Peyton, the Jaguars are in a good position to sign receivers you have passed to.
    7. Peyton, there is a solid running game already in place, when you need to hand the ball off.
    8. Peyton, you will have a new coach (not Jack Del Rio), who wants to succeed and may actually be good.
    9. Peyton, the Jaguars have a good young quarterback you can mentor in Blaine Gabbert, so you can be more than just a QB in Jacksonville.
    10. Peyton, the media is as friendly and devoted as the Indy media, if not moreso. These last two are important, if you need patience to return to past form at QB.

    1. If Wayne Weaver’s biggest mistake was not drafting Tim Tebow, then not talking to Peyton Manning about signing with the Jaguars will trump that if Peyton Manning plays, then has a decent season, if as I suspect, Blaine Gabbert continues to have a steep learning curve in becoming a quality NFL caliber QB.
    2. Even a 75% Peyton Manning is argueably better than any QB the Jaguars have had, with the possible exception of Mark Brunell in his best years.
    3. Peyton Manning is a living legend, who will sell tickets, allow you to play Gabbert if Peyton fails, and will win you fan loyalty for trying hard to bring a winner to Jacksonville.
    4. Signing Manning would enhance your chances of getting other good free agent wide receivers, especially receivers who have played with Manning.
    5. Trying to sign Manning would electrify the fanbase, end any doubt you are willing to spend to bring in quality players to improve the Jaguars, and gain you some international attention–you did say you want to make the Jaguars more international in appeal, right?
    6. You would be offering Manning the chance to remain in a division he knows well and has dominated.
    7. You would be offering Manning a shot at sweet revenge against the Colts twice a year.
    8. By winning Manning over you would prevent the possibility of Manning playing for another team in the division, while having to face him twice a year, possibly losing twice a year, thus reminding the fanbase, you didn’t even try to prevent those two losses.
    9. By talking to Manning, if he signs, Blaine Gabbert could continue to develop without catching too much heat, because a legend and potential teacher, would step in as the starter, while he takes on the more natural role as a quality back-up.
    10. If signed, Manning would become something of a permanent fixture in Jaguar football, making it easier to bring him here, when he retires in the future, as a positive PR spokesman.
    11. EXTRA: To not try to sign Manning puts extra pressure on the Jaguars to improve quickly, if Manning does well and the Jaguars don’t do well, especially at QB. Therefore, beginning now, the Jaguars franchise is behind the 8-ball, if you are not going to try to sign Manning. When fans don’t buy Season Tickets, the owner will blame fans, but this one will be squarely on the OWNER, who will appear to be overly naive or less interested in giving the fanbase a WINNER like he claims.

    I have convinced myself, it’s imperative the Jaguars make an offer to Peyton Manning. It’s a no lose situation for the long term health of this franchise. I understand making Peyton Manning what seems a reasonable offer, based on numerous factors that come into play in a situation like this. There is no need to get into a bidding war for Peyton Manning, but to make no offer at all, seems foolish. There are legitimate non-monetary reasons to believe Peyton Manning might like the idea of playing in Jacksonville for the Jaguars. With those kinds of advantages, it seems plain foolish not to make an offer. Plant the seed in his head, then see if it grows. Failure to do so, in my mind, is potentially more damaging to the Jaguars franchise, than not drafting Tim Tebow. At least Tebow’s future is still in doubt. Peyton Manning is an NFL QB legend. You can afford to give a legend the benefit of the doubt. SHAHID KAHN, TALK TO PEYTON MANNING ABOUT SIGNING WITH THE JAGUARS!!!

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