My SuperBowl XLVI Tweets

Posted: February 6, 2012 in NFL
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If I tweeted, which I don’t because I don’t know how, here is what you would’ve received on Super Bowl Sunday.

Throughout the afternoon: “Enuf, enuf of the talk. Kick off the damn ball . . .”

On the Patriots’ first offensive play which resulted in a safety for the Giants: “Horrible call. You can’t call intentional grounding on a ball thrown down the middle of the field . . .”

At various times during the game:

“As usual, teams get conservative on offense in Super Bowls. This won’t be a shootout as many thought . . .”

“Where’s Gronk? His ankle injury has taken him out of Pats’ plan. That’s gonna bite ‘em . . .”

“Somebody tell Belichick game is indoors and he doesn’t need his hoodie . . .”

“Will Gabbert ever be able to make that throw? . . .

“Eli is elite and Brady is as good as ever . . .”

“Watching Giants tells me the regular season means one thing: Getting in playoffs, period. Record doesn’t matter . . .”

“Giants getting lucky. Fumbles bouncing their way . . .”

Halftime: “Madonna? You kiddin’ me? Where’s the bathroom? . . .”

On Manning’s pass to Mario Manningham on winning drive: “Good catch, but a great, great, great, great throw . . .”

On Ahmad Bradshaw scoring the winning TD instead of taking a knee at the 1: “Selfish or dumb or both . . .”

On Wes Welker not making catch late in game: “Woulda been great catch. Blame Brady for throwing behind wide open Wes . . .”

“Great drama, great game . . .”

“Analysts who question future of Pats, Brady, Belichick sound stupid. Team went 15-4 and came within inches of winning SB . . .”

“I’m happy for Coughlin, Good man, outstanding coach . . .

“I wish Giants would quit saying this win is for the fans. Of course that bull—-! . . .”

“Great year for NFL. Maybe there should be a lockout every year . . .”


  1. Tampa Jack says:

    You had better be careful with your tweets. Gabbert might engage Glen Cohen to file a defamation lawsuit against you.

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