Welcome to J-Ville, Mr. Manning!

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Shahid Khan likes to make a splash. He’s made no secret of that since taking over as the owner of the Jaguars. Have you seen his $113 million yacht parked downtown?

In the splash department what would create a bigger wave than signing quarterback Peyton Manning as soon as he hits the free agent market, perhaps as soon as next week?

But that’s not all. I think Khan should go for a package deal, signing both Manning and veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne, who’s been one of Peyton’s favorite targets for nearly a decade.

The Colts, of course, have to release both Manning and Wayne, but that seems to be a formality. Can either really fit in the Colts’ rebuilding plans? Manning’s health issue also has to be resolved.

Obviously it is a long shot to sign either or both, but why not give it a shot? Offer them one-year deals loaded with incentives and options. I’m not suggesting giving them blanks checks, but make the offers generous.

Critics will line up and sarcastically ask, “Why would Manning or Wayne want to play in Jacksonville?”

My reply: Why not?

If Manning and Wayne can still play at or near the level they have throughout their careers, the Jaguars could be a serious Super Bowl contender. The Jaguars have a playoff-caliber defense. They have the NFL’s leading rusher in Maurice Jones-Drew. They have excellent special teams led by placekicker Josh Scobee. What they lacked last season was a passing game – both at quarterback and wide receiver.

Imagine Manning quarterbacking against defenses that have to play both the run and the pass? MJD led the league in rushing while facing defenses with eight men, sometimes nine, playing near the line of scrimmage.

This isn’t about getting rid of quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Everyone I know agrees he was thrown into the starting job too soon. The jury right now is divided about his future: franchise QB or bust? Why not let Gabbert sit, watch and learn from one of the best?

Nor does this mean the Jaguars shouldn’t pursue other and younger wide receivers in free agency. And they should still hope Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon is available with the seventh overall draft pick.

Signing Manning and Wayne would be the ultimate quick fix. The Jaguars have plenty of money under the salary cap they must spend. Quick turnarounds are common in the NFL. And, like I said, the Jaguars already have a lot of winning pieces in place.

The odds are against the Jaguars pulling this off. I understand that. But it definitely won’t happen unless Khan gives it a shot. He wants to make a big splash. Simply making an effort to sign them will excite many fans. If he pulls it off, it will be a tidal wave of excitement hitting our city.

  1. Wayne says:

    Oh, yes! Now you are talking. Put us on the map, Mr. Khan! Make a statement. Get the Jaguars some national media attention on the postive side. The sound you hear is the sound of the fans getting in line to buy tickets. Get the fans excited. You are telling me that the offensive line would not get better if they knew they were protecting Manning at quarterback. Let it be, Mr. Khan, let it be!!!!

  2. Paul says:

    A $113 yahct? Big baller

  3. Paul says:

    only fitting I would misspell yacht

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