A Word for JoePa

Posted: January 24, 2012 in NCAA
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We’ll never see the likes of Joe Paterno again. He spent 61 years coaching at the same school, the last 46 as head coach. In a profession where 10 years is a good run and 20 years is a career, 61 years – or 46 – is so far off the charts that we truly can’t comprehend it.

That he won 409 games – more than 9 a season —  is remarkable but not as remarkable as his influence on the 1,000 young men he mentored and the millions of lives he impact.

All of his accomplishments, of course, make the end of his career all the sadder. I’m in no way excusing him for his horrible lack of judgment during his last 10 years when he did little or nothing about the possibility of boys being sexually abused. His failure is a mistake that cannot – should not – be erased, but it doesn’t mean his accomplishments were in vain.

In the end, the world was a better place because of Joe Paterno.

  1. Terri says:

    Why isn’t anyone saying anything about the ex Raiders QB who actually witnessed that act…who should’ve knocked the $#!+ out of sandusky and called the police! That was no teen student he was a grown man, a college graduate who could and should have stopped sandusky! He’s no hero he’s a sorry excuse for a human being! Paterno saw nothing and reported what he was told and the superiors covered it up then fired him…they are just as guilty as the so-called whistle blower. Shame on all of you who continue to blame Joe Paterno and not the actual witness and the School’s superiors 😦

  2. Jim - PSU Alumni says:

    Terri, I agree with what you are saying about Mcqueary, but not sure if he was a Raiders QB. He was a 25 year old man. But to add to your comment, I received this yesterday from a Pennsylvania Police Officer:
    I’d like to set something straight for those (even Joepa’s supporters) who are writing and saying Joepa made an error in judgment or failed in his leadership by not calling the police or “following up” on what McQueary told him. He did not make an error or fail to follow up. He did what every other teacher and/or sch…ool employee does in Pennsylvania every day. When they learn of such an allegation (usually directly from a student victim), they report it to the guidance office and/or principle, who then reports it to Children & Youth Services, who then notifies police. This is without exception and is and has been accepted protocol in PA for years. It is not the responsibility of the teacher to follow up because he/she expects the administration officials to properly report it. Additionally, the police will not share details of the investigation with the teacher, outside of possibly interviewing him/her. Believe me, we (police) don’t want people doing their own investigation or follow-up. How do I know this? I investigate and prosecute these crimes every day and have done so for 17 years. I’m tired of hearing that Joepa made a mistake by not contacting police. Not only did he follow the law in PA, he followed normal protocol which is in place for a reason. If Joe made a mistake and deserved to be fired, then we should be firing hundreds of teachers every year. Joe did NOT make a mistake and those who say he did have no idea what they are talking about. I hope Freeh and his people look into child abuse reporting protocol in PA so Joepa’s actions can be placed in the proper perspective. I’m sorry this is so long, but it needed to be made clear to those unfamiliar with these investigations, which I imagine is most people.

    • Randy says:

      It’s clear that Joe had a larger moral responsibilty to follow up on the reported sexual assult on children perpetrated by one of his long time assistants on campus.
      Joe knew it, the police know it, the Board of Trustees knows it and so do most alumni.

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