Atta Boy, Jags Fans

Posted: January 20, 2012 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Clearing off my desk . . . also known as popping off on a potpourri of topics . . .

• I thought a turnout of nearly 7,000 fans for new owner Shahid Khan’s meet-and-greet Tuesday was impressive. That’s a lot of people for a Tuesday night rah-rah session. I hear people say there’s no passion for the Jaguars and I know those folks have no idea what they’re talking about. (BTW – great pics and post from eyeofthestorm)

• I like the fact Jaguars Coach Mike Mularkey is hiring/interviewing assistant coaches who have ties to Jacksonville. Paul Spicer and Keenan McCardell are two of the most popular Jaguar players ever. And Ron Zook is a former Gator coach who still has lots of friends on the First Coast. Obviously their ability to coach is first and foremost, but having coaches the fans know can’t hurt.

• Speaking of former Gators, I was thrilled to see Nease High hire Shane Matthews as its new football coach. When you think of Matthews as a coach imagine a younger Steve Spurrier.

• I’m picking the home teams – the 49ers and Patriots – to win NFL conference championships games this Sunday. I was 3-1 last week, by the way, calling for the Giants and 49ers to win upsets.

• The reason I don’t want both the Patriots and Giants to win this weekend is because I don’t think I can tolerate all of the obnoxious hype surrounding a New York vs. Boston Super Bowl. New Yorkers and New Englanders truly do think the sports world is their private domain.

• 49ers tight end Vernon Davis ought to send part of every paycheck to his former coach, Mike Singletary.

• Colts owner Jim Irsay is being praised for cleaning house after a 2-14 season instead of being patient, but I’m not one of those patting him on the back. After more than a decade as an NFL power the Colts stumbled this year because of the loss of quarterback Peyton Manning, plain and simple. I know loyalty isn’t highly regarded in pro sports, but certainly Coach Jim Caldwell and even personnel czar Bill Polian deserved better.

• Call me naïve, but I believe American League MVP Ryan Braun when he says he’s clean of performance enhancing drugs.

• A sad sign of changing times is this week’s PGA Tour event. It is no longer the Bob Hope Classic in Palm Springs. Now it’s the Humana Challenge. It’ll always be “The Hope” to me…

• C-list actor Rob Lowe just tweeted “his sources” tells him President Obama will not run for re-election. I’m certain that will dominate the news channels for the next several days considering how credible Lowe is on the political landscape.


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