The NFL: The One and Only

Posted: January 16, 2012 in NFL
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We were reminded once again this weekend that this is the NATIONAL . . . FOOTBALL . . . LEAGUE.

No team is unbeatable. Every team is capable of winning. That’s especially true in the playoffs.

The Packers are gone. The Saints are gone. And with them two of the super quarterbacks, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers and New Orleans’ Drew Brees. The NFL is, indeed, a quarterback league first and foremost, but it’s still the ultimate team game.

The regular season is all about making the playoffs, nothing more. The Packers prove that again last season after qualifying for the playoffs on the final day of the regular season. The “tournament” is a different world all together. Who’s hot? Who’s the healthiest? Who gets the breaks?

We’re down to the Final Four with Baltimore going New England and the Giants visiting at San Francisco for Sunday’s conference championship games. The home teams are favored, but is there really any team who’d be a surprise winner?

As for the quarterbacks, we’re down to Tom Brady and Eli Manning and a couple of guys named Flacco and Smith. Jaguars fans, you remember how awful Joe Flacco was on that Monday night (Oct. 24) at Everbank Field? Alex Smith has been labeled a bust by every NFL expert.

Who’ll win this weekend? Who’ll hoist the Lombardi Trophy Feb. 5?

Not necessarily the best quarterback, but the hottest quarterback, and the one who gets the most help.

I write the obvious to try and lift the spirits the Jaguars fans; in fact, the fans of all of the teams that have packed their bags for the season. With few exceptions, if any, every team is close to being where the Ravens, the Patriots, the Giants and the 49ers are now.

The Jaguars have missing pieces of course, but what team doesn’t? The Patriots have major defensive holes; the 49ers badly need help at wide receiver; the Giants need improvement in the secondary and on the offensive line; the Ravens lack offensive explosiveness.

No league in any sport has ever enjoyed the parity that exists in the NFL. Dating back to the NFL-AFL merger in the late 1960s it has been the NFL’s goal to create a league where the talent is as evenly spread as possible. This balance is one of the keys to the NFL’s enormous success. No sports entity has ever been as popular and financially successful as the NFL is right now.

Next season could be the Jaguars year. Or the Texans. Or the Bucs. Or the . . . well, you get the point.

That may sound like wishful thinking, but it’s more realistic than the rants and raves you’ll hear from the so-called experts who so empathic about putting teams and players on a football Mount Rushmore or burying them in purgatory.


  1. Tampa Jack says:

    it is truly a team game. qb’s can only get you so far…..marino no super bowl rings and peyton manning only one ring. that a $hit load of passing yards and td passes with only one ring to show for it. with that said…gabbert sucks.

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