My gut – don’t go there – tells me this is going to be a weekend of upsets in the NFL playoffs. Call me old-fashioned, but I still have a problem projecting championships for teams who are below average – or worse – on defense.

Of course I know there were a record number of points scored this year in the NFL. I know all rule changes for decades have been made to help score points. Still . . .

New Orleans at San Francisco, Saturday, 4:30 p.m. – The Saints are favored by 4. Mmmmm . . . they’re playing the NFL‘s best defense and they’re playing on the road on real grass and outdoors. The Drew Brees Air Show isn’t the same when Mother Nature is a factor. I like the 49ers, 21-17.

Denver at New England, Saturday, 8 p.m. – The Patriots are favored by 14. I know the Patriots whipped the Broncos 41-23 four weeks ago in Denver. And that was against the Good Tim Tebow (194 yards passing, 93 rushing and two TDs). Maybe it’s divine intervention or magic or whatever, but I believe Tebow is special. Mainly, though, I believe the Patriots’ defense is on the bad sign of average. Coach Bill Belichick has lost his playoff magic, going 0-4 since the Patriots last Super Bowl victory. I like the Broncos, 28-21.

Houston at Baltimore, Sunday, 1 p.m. – The Ravens are favored by 9. They were my preseason pick to win the AFC and I see no reason to change now. I do have this bit of advice to Coach John Harbaugh: GIVE THE DAMN BALL TO RAY RICE! I like the Ravens, 28-7.

New York Giants at Green Bay, 4:30 p.m. — The Packers are favored by 9. No team can score like the Packers, but no team gives up more yards. Okay, Green Bay’s defense excels at creating turnovers, and Giants QB Eli Manning has been known to throw a pick. But Eli’s playing his best right now. In fact, the Giants are playing their best. Sound familiar? Think 2007 when the Giants got hot late and won the Super Bowl. Yes, I’m going for another upset. I like the Giants, 45-42.

That’s upsets in three of the four games. Outrageous? Maybe. Crazy? Probably. Keep in mind I’m the guy who didn’t think Jack Del Rio was a lousy head coach; who thinks Blaine Gabbert’s future is lousy; who thinks Mike Mularkey was a solid hire; and who thinks your grandkids will be Jacksonville Jaguars fans (in other words, the team isn’t moving).


  1. LC says:

    Here’s hoping you are 100% corret this week!

  2. […] home teams – the 49ers and Patriots – to win NFL conference championships games this Sunday. I was 3-1 last week, by the way, calling for the Giants and 49ers to win […]

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