Great NCAA Year…LOUSY Ending

Posted: January 10, 2012 in NCAA
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A great college football season ended with an ear-splitting thud in the BCS Championship Game. Alabama 21, LSU 0. It was never close. Alabama dominated. It was boring.

How can this happen in the Year of Offense? I know both Alabama and LSU have outstanding defenses, but come on man! It took these two teams 115 minutes and 24 seconds to score a touchdown. And that didn’t happen until LSU had quit.

This was a rematch that never should have happened. In my opinion there are only the rarest of situations when a rematch should even be considered and this wasn’t one of them. Maybe the best thing that will come out of Monday’s game in the New Orleans Superdome is that we won’t have another rematch.

If you looking for other positives you might consider the case of LSU quarterback Jordon Jefferson. Jefferson was horrible. For whatever reason, LSU Coach Les Miles stayed with Jordan instead of going to backup Jarrett Lee, a senior who has had a handful of outstanding performances in his unusual career. In fact, Lee was the Tigers’ MVP for the first third of the season while Jordan was on suspension for being in a barroom fight. Video caught Jordan stomping on a man’s face in that fight.

So what’s my point? As far as I’m concerned, Jordan should never have been re-instated to the team. I celebrate when bad guys lose.

No one knows if Lee would have made a difference. What we do know is LSU’s offense could do nothing with Jordan at quarterback. The Tigers finished with 92 yards in total offense and five first downs. Perhaps Lee, known as a pocket passer, could have had some success throwing down field.

For the record, Alabama might well be the best team in the nation. The Tide’s defense ranks among the best ever and Trent Richardson is a stud running back. In the title game, quarterback A.J. McCarron proved he could throw the ball. But Alabama lost at home to LSU. The Tide didn’t win its own SEC division much less the conference title. Alabama didn’t deserve a second chance.

If I was in charge of naming a national champion I’d send the trophy to Oklahoma State. The Big 12 champion Cowboys lost one game under unusual circumstances. They lost in two overtimes at Iowa State in a rare Friday night game. The game was played within hours after two OSU women’s basketball coaches were killed in a plane crash. The Cowboys appeared to have won the game in regulation, but a field goal was ruled no good at the buzzer. Replays indicated the official blew the call.

Will all of this prompt the people who run the BCS to go to some kind of playoff for major college football? A plus-one model? A final four format? Certainly not in the immediate future. The BCS folks will tinker with the postseason, but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up.


  1. Tampa Jack says:

    no doubt that the Cowboys were the best team in the nation this year. too bad they didn’t get a chance to prove it.

  2. Terri says:

    is it me or did this game remind you of the SEC Championship game when the Gators looked like LSU…makes me wonder how both teams managed to look doped or gasses playing against bama. Something wasn’t right then nor this time.

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