Shut Up And Just Enjoy Tebow, Would Ya?

Posted: January 9, 2012 in NFL
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Tim Tebow critics – on both sides – irritate the hell out of me.

He hasn’t proven he’s the greatest quarterback since Otto Graham — yet. Nor has he proven he’s nothing more than a stumbling, bumbling tight end trying to play quarterback — yet.

What is he is a wonderful athlete and the ultimate athletic warrior. He’s one of those rare people whose heart rate goes DOWN when the tension goes up. His middle name ought to be “Iconic”. He’s also an unpolished passer with accuracy problems. Thus far in his brief NFL career he’s the epitome of inconsistency.

Sunday, in leading his Broncos over the Steelers in a playoff game, he was incredible, his best game. He deserves all of the love and credit he’s receiving.

Can he repeat such a performance on a regular basis? That’s what no one yet knows.

The key to Tebow’s future may well be determined by the Broncos coaches and NFL defensive coordinators. Are the Broncos willing to commit all out for the unorthodox offense they’re running with Tebow? “Gimmick” offenses come and go, but some do stick. When Bill Walsh went to the “West Coast” offense many considered it a gimmick. Now at least a third of the NFL uses it and nearly every team has “West Coast” packages. Meanwhile, the “Wildcat” offense appears deader than Jack Del Rio’s career as an NFL head coach.

For the lack of a better term, let’s call Denver’s scheme the “Tebow” offense. There’s read option aspects, and one of the options is a quarterback who can really run. It features more down field passes than screens and sideline throws. Like any offensive scheme, the key to its success is how well defenses adjust to it. The Steelers’ No. 1 defense looked lost at times against it in the playoff game. NFL defensive coordinators, however, are clever. Once both sides have figured out the schemes, then it comes down to execution and who has the best athletes.

We probably won’t know if Tebow is a star or bust for several more years. We may look back at this season as the beginning of a great career. “I remember back in ’11 when Timmy the Great was catching so much heat,” your grandson may one day tell his kids. We also may look back at ’11 and remember it as we remember the remarkable season Mark “Bird” Fidrych had as a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers or the year Bengals running back Icky Woods made the “Icky Shuffle” famous.

In the meantime, my advice for NFL fans and analysts is to enjoy Tim Tebow – the good and the bad.


  1. LC says:

    Tebow — for various reasons (some of which I do not understand) – is a lightning rod for both sides of the coin. Personally, I love the guy. Not because of his religion, not because he’s a Gator, but because of who he is (on and off the field) and what he’s brought to pro sports. I could go on but I agree with David on this one – let’s just enjoy it for whatever it is.

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