Memo to Jaguars General Manager Gene Smith:

Here are some suggestions for you as the offseason begins.

1. Quit looking for boy scouts. I’m happy when the Jaguars players conduct themselves like good citizens, but I’m happier when Jaguars players make good plays.

2. I appreciate how smart you are when evaluating talent, but remember there’s a reason most of the players who play at Mount Union, Lehigh, Grand Valley State and Indiana (Pa.) don’t play at LSU, Ohio State, Florida and Southern Cal. They’re not as talented.

3. Target and draft another quarterback by at least the third round – just in case Blaine Gabbert doesn’t grow a pair of youknowhats?

4. Go after at least two wide receivers/tight ends in free agency.

5. Draft at least two wide receivers/tight ends who played for schools I’ve seen play on TV.

6. Offer cornerback Rashean Mathis a new contract that’s slightly above the veterans’ minimum pay.

7. See if tight end Marcedes Lewis will accept a buyout.

8. Re-sign placekicker Josh Scobee – now!

9. Stop counting on defensive end Aaron Kampman to make a comeback.

10. Work on developing a personality.


  1. Terri says:

    ROTFLOL!!! #1 should say Resign…& “I appreciate how smart you are when evaluating talent,…” should read…”I appreciate how smart you [THINK YOU] are when evaluating talent,”

  2. ron32082 says:

    #11 Resign Dwight Lowery and Josh Scobee

  3. Tampa Jack says:

    Eugene Monroe – Virginia, Tyson Alualu – California, Blaine Gabbert – Missouri. All well known schools playing in BCS conferences. All first round picks. All busts. The problem with Gene Smith is that he isn’t good at evaluating talent.

  4. Wayne says:

    Remember, he got Blaine Gabbert for a one and a two. He could have gotten Tebow cheaper. Who among us would trade our season for Denver’s season, but that is another story. We are home and they are in the play-offs. Will they beat Pittsburg… probably not, but they made it this far.

  5. Wyman says:

    🙂 Wonder how good Tebow will be when he learns to pass? I’m sure the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t want to know the answer to that question. Gene Smith, he doesn’t want to know either.

    I’ll root for Blaine Gabbert, but I feel the Jaguars are sorely lacking on offense and defense, despite the miracle Mel Tucker accomplished with the defense. Another thing, might Mel Tucker be another Mike Smith? The new owner has some hard decisions to make. I don’t envy him.

    On Marcedes Lewis, I believe he will be much better next year. Not ready to give up on him.

    • Wayne says:

      Can’t wait until tomorrow. This is what we will hear from the sports “talking heads”. Well he played a great game but will never win a Super Bowl.

      Please Jaguars… admit to yourselves that you may have made the biggest mistake in francise history by not choosing Tebow. Millions of dallars down the drain that you will never see. Please try to forget that this area had “Tebow Fever” on draft day two years ago and there he was for your picking and you let him slide away. You actually paid more in draft choices for Gabbert, yes? Whether or not Tebow ever does it again is up in the air. All I know is that today my wife and I watched and experienced one of the most exciting games of my entire life and I am an old guy. Today is why we watch sports. Today we saw a team overcome the odds of most of the experts in the entire nation. It was a great moment and I believe he will give us many more. Go Denver. Go Tebow!

      Please Mr. Kahn, please open the purse strings and get us truly great players. Also, please remember, it is more about heart sometimes tha mere ability. Please get us someone(s) who will work harder than you could ever imagine… maybe like a quarterback who would throw 200 passes before practice even started. Who would do that? I think we all know the answer to that question.

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