With a miserable 5-11 season now history and a new owner taking over, there are important decisions to be made. Now!

First, owner Shalid Khan must determine what to do with General Manager Gene Smith. Give him total control? Divide all football authority with the new coach? Fire him?

I know Smith recently signed a three-year contract extension, but that doesn’t secure his future. He has come under intense heat – and for good reason in my opinion — since Coach Jack Del Rio was fired. Because Khan will not live in Jacksonville and run the team on a day-to-day basis, it only makes sense that he will hire someone he knows and trusts to oversee his $760 million investment. Will that person only be involved in the business aspect of the franchise?

Second, selecting a new coach.

The hiring of a new coach is a crapshoot. There is, no doubt, a young coordinator out there who’s destined to become the next great coach. Who is he? No one knows. There are veteran head coaches with impressive track records, but regardless of who’s hired his success hinges on having the right players. Occasionally a coach can make a player. You can argue Jim Harbaugh did that this season in San Francisco with quarterback Alex Smith. More often than not, however, players make coaches. Jim Caldwell looked very competent with Peyton Manning at quarterback, but looked lost without him.

Third, making a decision about quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Is he still the quarterback of the future? Should the Jaguars draft another quarterback if, say, Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III of Baylor, is available?

As for Gabbert, certainly it is too early to write him off, but I saw almost nothing that makes me believe he’s a future star. I’ve never claimed to be a great talent evaluator, but Gabbert sends me nothing but negative feelings. He has some physical talent, but he seems to lack all of the intangibles. His receivers were mediocre, but outstanding quarterbacks can make mediocre receivers better.


The truth is the Jaguars – like most NFL franchises – aren’t that far from being a contender. The foundation of a solid defense, respectable special teams and an outstanding running game makes a quick turnaround possible.

The decisions made in the next few days will determine the Jaguars’ future for the next several years.


  1. Al Davis says:

    Lamm comes through again, with an excellent perspective! What is the T/U afraid of?
    The Smith Regime and his blackballs?

    Repost from Blog at Denver Post re: Tebow Trade Value:

    Khan Said Money no Object In Coaching Hire

    So far Gene Smith is bringing in coordinators for the Jaguars Head Coach
    interviews. I heard Khan say he wanted a good coach and money wasn’t an object.
    I heard him say this is a passing league, and the Jags were going to put
    emphasis on this part of the game. Can it be that Gene Smith was an accountant for
    the Weavers and relates his position and future as such? Did he not get the directive
    Khan publicly stated? He is running the team his way. Most tenured coaches want
    to get players they deem necessary to build a winner (see Martz).

    Unless the Jaguars take the bean counter to the basement this franchise will be
    bottom feeders. The product they have served up isn’t tantalizing. It looks
    more like SOS! I believe Smith wants control and is limiting the coaching search
    to secure his job and build his own resume.
    By the way, since we brought up SOS, why not? Get the Guru of the passing game
    as head coach: Steven Orr Spurrier! He won’t take long to put Gene Smith in his
    place or to put fannies in the seats. We won’t need a bean counter as much
    because we’ll be flush with revenue!

    If Khan is to be taken seriously, doesn’t the GM need to follow the directive?
    Enough with the unexperienced, unqualified applicants! Who will be the QB?
    Ponder a Tebow?

    Crediblity begins with the owner and is transfered to the GM. The only thing the
    Jaguars have done is acquire Gene’s scapegoat coaches and squandered draft
    picks! That is why the fanbase is dwindling. We don’t watch reruns, at least
    most of us don’t. Will Khan can or cage Smith now because he’s done?

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