Santa Lamm 2011 Wrap-Up

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Santa Lamm
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For the last eight years, Santa Lamm and his helpers have taken nearly 2,000 children on a Santa Lamm shopping spree. Each child is given a $75 gift card and allowed to do his or her own shopping to make their Santa dreams come true.

The 2011 Santa Lamm shopping spree was Dec. 21 and 296 children took part at the Regency Target. As always donuts and juice were provided by Target for the children. Santa Lamm and the elves thank everyone who made donations and the volunteers who helped make the shopping spree possible.

The Lamm Foundation is all-volunteer operated and managed. More than 99 percent of every dollar goes to the children. All money is raised through individual and business donations. Donations are tax deductible and the Foundation is classified as a 501 (c) 3 charity.

Santa Lamm welcomes donations throughout the year. Donation checks should be made out to the David Lamm Foundation and mailed to 5430 Whitney St, Jacksonville, FL 32277.

Children ages 3 through 13 are selected from various agencies and churches that work with under privileged, abused and medically challenged children. The Foundation also accepts individual requests for families in need. Such requests can be made by e-mailing David Lamm at


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