My Evolving Wish List

Posted: December 19, 2011 in sports
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This holiday season got me to thinking how my Christmas wish list has evolved over time – from my childhood to being a young adult to being a senior citizen. In many ways, my Christmas wish list has mirrored my golf wish list. I think most senior citizens who love golf can relate.

As a child I wanted everything. As a teenage and young adult I wanted fewer but far more expensive things such as cars, boats, wonderful vacations and jewelry. Now the most precious gifts I want can’t be measured in dollars and cents.

So how does that relate to golf?

Early on I wanted, even expected, short birdie putts. Then I was happy to be on the green. Now I’m happy to be near the green.

Early on I expected long, powerful drives. Then I became more pleased with accuracy. Now I’m simply trying to make reasonably solid contact off the tee.

Early on I hardly noticed forced carries. Then I was happy to get over forced carries. Now I’m happy with a decent layup shot.

Early on I expected to hole every chip shot. Then it was about chipping it close. Now there’s a thrill in not chunking the chip shot.

Early on I tried to ram every putt in the back of the hole. Then I wanted to die the ball in the hole, at least assuring myself of a tap in next putt. Now I’m happy not to three putt.

Early on I played 36 holes most days. Then I looked forward to a few bonus holes after the regular 18. Now I simply hope my aching back, knees, shoulders and neck allow me to finish 18 and not fall down trying to get to the 19th hole for a cocktail.

See the parallels?

The most precious gifts have gone from bicycles to cars to hugs from my grandsons. Birdies are still great but they don’t compare to a beautiful sunset.

Oh, I still enjoy nice things. My shirt size is XXL and I’m not choosy about what kind of golf ball I use – just in case you’re determined to buy me a Christmas present. But simply enjoying another Christmas is the best gift of all.

Merry Christmas.



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