Can’t Blame Del Rio For This One

Posted: December 16, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Somewhere Jack Del Rio is smiling. I’m not suggesting Del Rio, fired three weeks ago as the Jaguars coach, wants to see his former team lose. But he has to get some satisfaction with all the heat General Manager Gene Smith is catching, heat that amped up considerably Thursday night after an embarrassing 41-14 loss at Atlanta. The game wasn’t that close.

Nor am I suggesting Del Rio deserved more time with the Jaguars or that he’ll ever be a Hall of Fame NFL coach. But the truth is Del Rio never had a playoff-caliber roster at his beck and call.

First he was saddled with Shack Harris’ horrible first-round picks and free agent signees. Then he tried to make something out of Smith’s draft picks. Like Shack, Geno has had far more whiffs than base hits.

Even with all of the injuries suffered by the Jaguars, the roster that played the Falcons was mediocre. Let’s see, there’s MJD. . . a couple of offensive linemen . . . some solid linebackers . . . decent defensive tackles . . . and, well, see why Del Rio can’t help but at least grin these days?


  1. Tampa Jack says:

    Khan will fire Gene Smith immediately once he officially owns the team. It’s very sad that Weaver gave him an extension right before the team was sold.

  2. LC says:

    If Thursday game didn’t show the new owner how much work needs to be done, then nothing ever will.

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