Good Riddance, Charlie Weis

Posted: December 14, 2011 in NCAA
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I’m still in shock that Kansas hired Charlie Weis as its head football coach. Kansas’ athletic director said he thought hiring a “big name coach” would awaken an apathetic fan base.

Can the Jayhawks’ fans be that ignorant?

That desperate?

Will winning five or six games a year really fire up the fans?

What has Weis done well at the college level? He had a mediocre record (35-27) in six years at Notre Dame as the Irish’s head coach. He was a major flop in his one year at Florida as offensive coordinator. Now before you defend Weis’ lack of success with the Gators by saying he had little to work with think about this: Almost anyone can coach outstanding players; a sign of an outstanding coach is taking less than stellar talent and getting decent results. For the record, Florida’s talent wasn’t THAT bad.

Yes, Weis has an outstanding resume as an NFL coordinator, including one year with the Kansas City Chiefs, but University of Kansas football is a long, long way from being the NFL.

College coaching is about recruiting. Recruiting is about energy, working nonstop, going without sleep, salesmanship and having a decent product to sell. The 55-year-old, 300-pound-plus Weis has as much energy as marshmallow. He has major health concerns. His salesmanship skills are suspect (although he must have done something right to convince the Jayhawks to hire him). Kansas is a fine university and has an elite basketball program, but its list of football accomplishments can be printed on the back of a matchbook cover.

To add to Kansas’ bleak future with Weis, he may well be a part-time coach. His wife and special needs daughter will remain in Ocala. Remember, he took the Gators job, in part, because of his wife’s love of horses (Ocala is known for its horse farms) and it has the needed medical facilities for his daughter. Weis will commute between Kansas and Ocala on a private plane provided by the school. Apparently the economic recession hasn’t hit Kansas yet.

Ultimately this move by Weis will make someone happy. Of course I’m talking about the Gators. I can’t imagine Gator fans being distraught about losing Weis. If any are I haven’t seen, heard or read about them.

Now Coach Will Muschamp can try and correct a rookie mistake by hiring an offensive coordinator who will get results. My advice would be for him to get in his car, drive to Jacksonville University and offer the job to Kerwin Bell. Bell is one of Florida’s all-time favorite and most successful players, having quarterbacked the Gators in the mid-1980s. He proved him as an offensive coach both in the pros (Canadian Football League) and college.

The Kansas Jayhawks’ “loss” could turn out to be the Gators’ “gain”.


  1. Terri says:

    Funny how short people’s memories are…yep Weis has a Superbowl rings but when they couldn’t get the other teams plays they lost! Did anyone see Brady (who now has to actually work) and the OC Sunday LOL.

    Weis can’t win without cheating and I’m glad he’s gone, I still couldn’t believe he was hired at Florida in the first place…Foley screw up with muschamp and he should be next!

  2. zeleznoc says:

    Weis is/was the ultimate sleezeball. He is over the hill. Not only is he morbidly obese but he looks sick and also sloppy. Lots of big people but not all are sloppy looking slugs like Weis. Obese with problems following his surgery for which he blamed & sued his docs for his problems.
    Florida is fortunate to be rid of him. His job this past yr was pathetic

  3. Tampa Jack says:

    unfortunately Kerwin Bell has a slim chance of being UF’s offensive coordinator. Muschamp wants a coach to run an offense very similar to Alabama and LSU. Bell’s offensive philosophy is the exact opposite. too bad for us UF fans. this hire could turn Coach Boom to Coach Doom in a very quick fashion. he already has one strike against him…..the Weis hire. two bad hires will get him fired. UF fans have become used to high scoring wide open offenses whether it be Spurrier’s passing game or Urban Liar’s spread offense with Tebow. Muschamp better win big with his ground chuck offense or he will be toast.

  4. Derek Johnson says:

    You really get it. Weis doesn’t have a recruiters personality, and frankly, I think he could do a lot more harm than good. Kansas is reluctant to speed money on football, and I don’t know how Weis is going to be able to sell what he knows is a mediocre product. I could see him hurting a lot of the relationships with local high school coaches.

    Here’s a couple posts I wrote on the Kansas move:

    Keep up the good work.

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