A Rematch? Really? Rematches Stink…

Posted: December 7, 2011 in NCAA
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Understand I’ve never been a big fan of the BCS, but I don’t support a playoff either under the current structure of major college football. There are a so-called 120 “major” teams, and that’s a joke unless you honestly think of Alabama and Florida Atlantic as football equals.

Under the current format I’m all for scrapping the BCS and ignoring a playoff and return to the old bowl system. Under that scenario there is no true national championship. Let the voters vote and the schools and their fans debate. It worked for decades and college football didn’t suffer. Some younger fans may be surprised to know that on several occasions more than more than one school claimed to be the national champion. I saw it way back then, the more the merrier. I still think the same way.

Of course money is the reason we have our current system. The conferences with the big football schools (for to mention big stadiums and big budgets) want most of the money. How’s that different than any other sport’s businesses?

All of this is leading up to me joining forces with those people – mostly outside of the Southeast – who think the BCS Championship Game this year is a joke. An unfunny joke. A rematch between LSU and Alabama stinks more than three-day-old fish or those relatives who won’t go home after the Christmas holidays.

The next person who says LSU and Alabama ARE the two best teams ought to be banned for life from ever watching another college game. We don’t know who the best two teams are. End of discussion.

Put me in the group who think SEC championship LSU should play Big 12 champion Oklahoma State for the BCS title. Certainly there are other candidates who can argue their merit to play LSU, but I’m sticking with Oklahoma State.

Why OSU over Alabama? No. 1, the Cowboys are conference champs; No. 2, they played a more difficult schedule; No. 3, they defeated more ranked teams; No. 4, they haven’t played LSU this season; No. 5, they do deserve a little sympathy for losing in overtime at Iowa State the same day they learned two of the school’s women basketball coaches were killed in a small plane crash. (Notice I didn’t say anything about fearing another 9-6 game, which was the score when LSU defeated Alabama in Tuscaloosa last month.)

Lamm rules for being considered for a spot in the BCS championship game: No. 1, play in a big-time conference; No. 2, win conference championship.

Now, if we restructure college football and put schools that make no bones about football being a big business into a separate division, then fine, let’s have a playoff. Divide the schools into conferences and let the conference champs decided the title on the field. Call it what it is: NFL Lite.

Until then, let’s take an oath to never have rematches between teams from the same conference.


  1. producewiz says:

    Lamb Chops, I agree with you except for 1996.So ,guess I’m biased,because 1st nat.Championship for my Gators.had a dog in that fight.

  2. Gurui your right on many teams that deserved at least a chance to play have been thrown aside for a big conference school. I beleive 4 divisions of 8 schools each who play each other.. NFL lite anybody

  3. Wyman says:

    Toss the two teams in the shower, put some deodorant on them, and all will be fine.

    My guess is the two teams already have the highest payroll among college teams or do you think Oklahoma State pays its players, as well as, or better, than LSU & Alabama? Besides, this guarantees another SEC National Title. They should give the title to whoever wins the SEC each year…so long as Southern Cal is on probation and Ohio State’s headed there?

    Grab a cigar and relax, Lamm. 🙂

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