Thanks For the Memories, Wayne Weaver

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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I hope Jaguar fans pack the house tonight when the team plays host to the San Diego Chargers and use the occasion to pay tribute to owner Wayne Weaver. Without Weaver there would be no Jacksonville Jaguars. Now that he’s sold the team after 18 years it seems tonight would be the perfect time let Weaver know how much we appreciate what he’s done – not to mention impressing new owner Shahid Khan.

I’ve thought a lot about what to write about and express what I think of Weaver. Don’t ask me why, but while pondering what words to use and couldn’t get the tune the late Bob Hope used as his theme song, “Thanks for the Memories”. And, thus, an idea turned into my effort to put new lyrics to an old tune.

So with apologies to song writers and singers . . .

Thanks for the memories . . .

For action packed afternoons . . . for Lynyrd Skynyrd tunes.

For the N-F-L . . . for Mark Brunell.

Thank you so much.

For watching Tony Boselli on our 60-inch tele.

For T-C and J-D-R . . . for lots of fun in a sports bar.

Thank you Wayne Weaver . . .

For the thrill of watching Freddie T. . . . for all of the games we could see.

For giving our city a Super Bowl . . . for so many stories to be told.

Thank you for the memories . . .

For city pride . . . for making us known nation wide.

For Jimmy Smith streaking down the field . . . for game after game and thrill after thrill.

Thank you so much . . .

For M-J-D . . . for the Jaguars now and those to be.

For Wayne and Dolores . . . for so many days so glorious.

Thank you so much.

We’ll miss you but not forget you.


  1. producewiz says:

    Uhh, everything is correct about the Weavers helping our city, and what all they have done.But, as a winning program, a failure.No replacement of Smith or McCardel in all of these years,had a chance for Tebow, and got Monroe in his place.Lot of bad decisions, and that’s a fact.And truthfully, can Jacksonville really support a $780,000,000 entertainment entity?Obviously,we were a losing franchise these past few years, but that was investment of around $160,000,000.Not sure what the future holds for our team and fans.

  2. […] I have spent the better part of this past week trying to digest as much fact and opinion on the situation here in Jacksonville. Beyond the sweet relief that was the long overdue dismissal of Jack Del Rio was the bitter-sweet news that Wayne Weaver would no longer be the owner of the Jaguars. Some will say that too was long overdue, that Wayne was as much a part of the problem as Jack. Whether that carries a substantial amount of credibility (I am not going to argue that Weaver was perfect in his decision-making), the simple truth is that he brought football to Jacksonville and with it came swift success. Such gratitude even fostered local sports radio icon David Lamm to break out in a song of thanks. You can find the lyrics here. […]

  3. Terri says:

    Oh yes thanks for setting up the jags for failure by giving gene smith a 3 year contract so he can continue to destroy the team. I hope you and your wife will see all of the innocent babies you have been killing for the last I don’t know how many years.
    Good Riddance and thanks for nothing!

    • Brett says:

      ” I hope you and your wife will see all of the innocent babies you have been killing for the last I don’t know how many years.”

      What are you talking about!?

  4. Wyman says:

    All good things must come to an end. The early years of the Jaguars and the Weavers, we can celebrate. The Jack Del Rio era, with its tossing aside of quality players who still had skills their replacements did not, etc., we can mourn. It’s safe to say, no one hurt more than Weaver over the errors, for he wanted a Super Bowl and understands the man in the mirror he sees each morning has to accept the responsibility for the mistakes made. Even so, there is something to be said for loyalty to a fault and giving people responsibilities, then trusting their decisions. How often have too many of us found ourselves being micro-managed on the job or doing that ourselves to other. Wayne Weaver is human. I’ll take that, for a lot of good came Jacksonville’s way because Wayne Weaver is human.

    Tim Tebow? Although he remains the salt in the draft wound of the current Jaguars, I think Jack Del Rio and many other NFL coaches would have ruined him by demanding he be what he isn’t; a conventional pocket passer. Jack Del Rio was quick to toss people in his doghouse, then under the bus, until he could get rid of them. Such would have been Tim Tebow’s fate here, in my opinion. Yet, only a fool would say given this year Tebow should have been drafted by the Jaguars. Maybe that won’t hold up next year or maybe the Jaguars passed on an eventual Hall of Fame QB. Time will tell.

    In other words, tonight strikes me as a bittersweet end to the Wayne Weaver era with the Jaguars. I am convinced, with or without Tebow, the Weaver era did not have to end with such a poor track record for a decade. That track record minimizes the true importance of what Weaver began to establish in Jacksonville, a sense of pride based on a winning tradition. That a decade of errors requires the new owner to begin to re-establish that sense of pride based on a winning tradition is sad, for I truly think of Wayne Weaver as a true WINNER in life. When and if the Jacksonville Jaguars gets to, or wins, a Super Bowl, the 18 year legend, good and bad, that has been Wayne Weaver, will be an important piece in the making of that Super Bowl team. So, this is a fond farewell we bid you tonight Wayne Weaver. You will always be a Jacksonville Jaguar, wherever you may be. You’re number ONE! Thank you, farewell at the end of this season, and God bless the Wayne Weaver family. 🙂

  5. Wyman says:

    To JACK DEL RIO, who surely must be a DAVID LAMM fan:

    I could dwell on what I saw as your negatives, but I won’t. Some would say you failed, even I at times, but to NOT have TRIED would be to FAIL. You tried.

    Take from these years and many opportunities the lessons worthy of learning. It wasn’t all bad. There were a number of fun moments. There were moments I thought I might be wrong about you. One thing for certain. JACK DEL RIO, you’re a human being. I want you to coach a Super Bowl team one day, like Tom Coughlin did when he had to go. He had to learn to change to do that. So will you. I truly believe you became a better coach based on some things I heard you say. By then, it may have been too little too late, along with too little talent, to make a real difference, in preventing the end that finally engulfed you this season. It’s important for you go forward, mindful of the past, while building a better future. The arrogance of a winner combined with humbleness, respect, and gratitude will serve you well. At times I felt I saw arrogance and selfishness, you either did not see and understand or you took to be a part of your positive qualities. You would do well to have a good talk with some of the veterans, some retired, who you found yourself in conflict with. Listen rather than defend yourself. Comtemplate, rather than dismiss their thoughts. All of us are guilty at some level in our work. I want you to succeed and I believe you are success motivated. One day I want to say, JACK DEL RIO learned his hard lessons here, but Wayne Weaver did see the WINNER inside JACK DEL RIO long before the rest of us saw it.

    You see, JACK DEL RIO, you are part of the Jacksonville Jaguars history, so we must expect you to go on to succeed elsewhere. Jaguars are WINNERS, whether current or ex-Jaguars. The expectations are high. You’re not off the hook. You’re expected to get better next year and the year after that, and so on. Understand that JACK DEL RIO.

    And, if the NFL does not turn out to be the best place for you to make your mark, then I hope you get to be the first University of North Florida head football coach, if they should one day field a team and you were to decide to coach at the college level. I may not be a big fan of yours, but I certainly want you to succeed, so one day I will be. If you shed a tear or two tonight as you watch the Weavers begin their move into retirement, knowing you have been part of that history and time, then we understand. We understand you want to be out there on that field. We understand you don’t want it to end without you. It has though. You’re only human JACK DEL RIO. It seems like an ancient saying, “Coaches are hired to be fired” but it’s true. But, for now, you’re still a Jaguar, so root for the Jaguars. You know those fellows well. One day, we will remember you fondly JACK DEL RIO. For now, we must all move on. Even the Wayne Weaver family is moving on. Thank you for trying JACK DEL RIO. Wish the results could have been better. It wasn’t meant to be. For that, I shed a tear or two myself. Take care and God bless you, Coach. 🙂 I now return comments to our team of Ranters. Sometimes I suit up as a Ranter too.

  6. dancock says:

    I grew up at the perfect time, I think. I started high school at Bishop Kenny in 1992. My Gators were going from relevant to dominant, thanks to Coach Spurrier. The following year, our dreams of having our very own NFL franchise were coming true, thanks to Mr. Wayne Weaver and Touchdown Jacksonville! Although recently, our days as a Jaguars…and have been frustrating, I have spent many Sundays wearing my ol’ grey Nike Jag shirt rooting for my boys to win. Whether it be against original rivals, the Steelers or those pesky ’99 Titans, or anybody with 11 warm bodies these days, I root with all my heart. I root especially hard from Melbourne, where I’m rooting not only for the players, but for my hometown to make an impact nationally. Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don’t. For now, I want our Jags to do well in the remaining games to thank Mr. Weaver for his dedication to this team and our city.

    One day, we will all join together again at Alltel…Everbank to welcome the boys home after a win as important as the ’96 Denver game. That was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve done as sports fan. I hope to do it again, this time with my family. We Khan do it!

    Thanks again Mr. Weaver. And thanks to my 1010XL iPhone app for giving me the opportunity to listen to my friends from back home.

    Go Jags!

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