Urban Bleeds…Buckeye Scarlet

Posted: November 29, 2011 in NCAA
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With my apologies to all lawyers, how can you tell when Urban Meyer is being insincere?

His lips move.

Just kidding (wink, wink).

The new head football coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes obviously has spent enough time with his family. And his health has improved, mainly because he doesn’t have to match wits in the foreseeable future with Alabama and Coach Nick Saban.

Besides, he finally has his dream job, having grown up in Ohio and dreaming of the day he’d walk in Woody Hayes’ shoes. Yes, I know he said in his book, “Urban’s Way”, that Notre Dame was his dream job, but he obviously misquoted himself.

And, yes, he can assure all of those Ohioans who live and breathe Buckeye football that he understands the “Ohio State way” – that rockin’, sockin’ style of play made famous by such Buckeye greats as Lou Groza, Jim Parker, Jim Lachey, Orlando Pace, Tom Cousineau, Chris Speilman, Archie Griffin, John Brockington, Eddie George, Jack Tatum . . . you get the idea.

What? You think Urban has a system? No way. Football isn’t about coaches, he says. It’s about players, he says. Coaches don’t force feed players into a system. Coaches adjust to their personnel.

Ohio State is the epitome of college football coaching jobs, he says now. He is appreciative, you understand, of the schools that provided the stepping stones to his final destination. He has only the fondest memories of Bowling Green, Utah and Florida. And, of course, he appreciates ESPN for allowing him to remain in the spotlight that shines on college football during his 11-month retirement.

Sure, the Ohio State program has hit a bump in the road because of NCAA and self imposed penalties, but no mountain is too high to climb with football players who are committed to earning the right to be called Buckeyes and “doing it the right way.” He’s only interested in that special one percent of the one percent of special young men. He’s looking for high character young men who are willing to work and who are dedicated to academics. He does believe in second chances. And third chances. And fourth chances. He’ll stand on his record. Ask the dozens of former players who had off-the-field issues under his guidance at those stepping stone schools.

Urban will win big at Ohio State. Really, you’d have to be a bad coach not to succeed at Ohio State, and Urban Meyer is an outstanding coach. His record speaks for itself.

I do advise Ohio State fans not to fall in love with Urban because he won’t love you back. He excels at avoiding emotional ties. He’s the ultimate hired gun. Bowling Green green, Utah red, Gator orange, Ohio State scarlet – Urban is color blind. He builds walls, not relationships. In Urban’s world commitment is a one-way street.

As for his stress-related health problems, Ohio State is better than Florida for Urban. Absolutely there’s stress at Ohio State, whose fans are every bit as passionate and demanding as Florida’s. But the Big 10 offers fewer “stressful” games than the SEC.

Indeed, Urban has found a home . . . until he changes his mind or a better offer comes.


  1. Terri says:

    Ohio State must have a Tim Tebow caliber player coming, there or red shirted…I sincerely believe that Tim played and motivated the team is spite of the coaches…look at the record W’s and L’s of Meyer’s last season and FL…and I think JoePa (I was there) gave him a win in the Outback Bowl….JMHO

  2. producewiz says:

    Hey Lamb chops.This guy lies to you looking you straight in the eye.He’s really good.

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