The Worst It Has EVER Been for the Jags?

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Many of us have a habit of thinking of the latest as the greatest – or the worst. With that in mind, I spent much of Sunday trying to talk myself out of declaring right now as “the worst it’s ever been” in Jaguars history.

I couldn’t do it. This IS the worst it’s ever been.

For the record, that’s not just my opinion. I sought out the opinions of others who like me have been around the Jaguars since their first season (1995). Without exception – and after some thought – all agreed the Jaguars franchise has reached a new low.

It isn’t just a matter of the team’s record, although at 3-8 after Sunday’s 20-13 home loss to Houston the Jaguars could wind up with the worst record (4-12 in ’95) in team history.

Nor is it a slam dunk that this is, indeed, the worst of times. The 2002 season is a candidate. That was Coach Tom Coughlin’s last season. The fans had soured on a Coughlin’s Sgt. Bark Orders’ personality. The Jaguars, after a promising 3-1 start, struggled, losing five of their last six games to finish 6-10, a third straight losing season. Tickets sales plummeted. The 2008 season is another candidate. One year after going 11-5 and winning a playoff game art Pittsburgh, the team started slowly, rebounded and then collapsed in the second half, finishing 5-11 and becoming a national joke because of TV blackouts.

This season, however, started badly and has gotten worse. The fans were upset because Coach Jack Del Rio hadn’t been fired after the 2010 season. The owners’ lockout angered many fans. Five days before the start of the season the release of longtime starting quarterback David Garrard shocked the NFL world.

Inserting rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert as the starter for the third game gave the fan base a boost, but the Jaguars’ inept offense remains the lowest scoring in the league. The offense and Gabbert have been so bad that the “franchise quarterback of the future” was benched in the fourth quarter of the loss to Houston. The wide receivers have been horrible. Tight end Marcedes Lewis, after a brief holdout and getting a new contract, has become a punch line.

Back-to-back plays in the second quarter against the Texans summarized the Jaguars offense: A wide open Lewis dropped a pass in the end zone from the 3-yard line; Gabbert missed an open Lewis on the next play; the Jaguars then settled for a chip shot field goal.

Then there was another head scratching time management issue. Facing 4th-and-2 from the Houston 40 with 1:16 to play, the Jaguars opted to play hurry-up instead of calling timeout. QB Luke McCown’s pass intended for Mike Thomas was badly off target. Why not call timeout? Del Rio blamed his offensive coordinator, Dirk Koetter. It wasn’t the first time JDR threw his assistant under the bus.

Meanwhile, TV ratings have hit an all-time low; TV blackouts have been avoided only because of “mystery companies” stepping up at the last moment; Del Rio is still the coach.

There’s every reason to believe it will get uglier before this season is in the book. Of the remaining five games, three are at Everbank Field. You can expect TV blackouts. The Jaguars already have been eliminated from winning the AFC South.

Yeah, the worst it’s ever been.


  1. Gary says:


    I agree with you whole heartedily. I have been attending games since 1999 and I have never seen the fans so despondent and angry about the home team. It appears like the offensive players and coaches have checked out and are playing out the string. It is rare to hear the home crowd boo the jags but the boo birds were out in force especially after Lewis’s drop. Worst of all the fans pored out of the stadium with 13 minutes to go in the game and the home team only down 10. That means there is no hope left and the fans have checked out just like some of the players and coaches.

  2. Lynn says:

    Been a season ticket holder from day 1 (1995) and I have to agree, this is the “worst” yet. Not that I’m not still a fan but it is painful to go to the games rather than something to look forward to. Not sure if things would have been better if Mr. Weaver had kept his word and JDR went prior to the season but I think some of us would have felt better. Tired of hearing Gabbert “has the looks” of a good QB — I have yet to see that. And where’s the WR Core? (Answer: GB, NO, NE – not here!)

  3. Wyman says:

    From Franchise to Disenfranchised

    As the ship rapidly sinks:

    Sailor: Mr. Weaver, shall we abandon ship? We’ve hit an iceberg.

    Mr. Weaver: Sailor, ask Captain Jack that question. Although I own the Titanic-Jaguar, the running of the ship is in Captain Jack’s capable hands, until we reach port. My faith in Captain Jack, as in my ship, is unsinkable.

    Sailor: Captain Jack, shall we abandon ship? We’ve hit an iceberg!

    Captain Jack: Sailor, Lieutenant Koetter will have to answer your question. He’s in charge of steering this ship to port.

    Sailor: Lieutenant Koetter, shall we abandon ship? We’ve hit an iceberg!!

    Lieutenant Koetter: Sailor, I don’t have time for questions. Grab an axe and help me cut holes in the bottom of these lifeboats. If people see these lifeboats, they’ll fear this isn’t an unsinkable ship.

    Captain Jack to Panicked Passengers: We’re going to stay the course. Full steam ahead. There’s no panic in our crew. We’re doing what works best to get us to port. No iceberg’s stopping a ship captained by Captain Jack Del Rio.

    Next Day Newsman to Expert: Captain Urban Meyer, can you tell us why you think the Titanic-Jaguar sank?

    Captain Urban Meyer: My expert opinion is the Titanic-Jaguar sank because those in charge failed to see the lack of talent on board to handle an iceberg. They should’ve abandoned ship before passengers realized an iceberg had struck, and panicked. Follow the rats or go down ingloriously, I always say.


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