College Chaos…I’m Loving It!

Posted: November 22, 2011 in NCAA
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I’m loving this college football season.

I’m loving the chaos surrounding the BCS Championship Game.

I’m loving how no one seems to have already won the Heisman Trophy.

Isn’t it great we have a ton of drama heading into the final weeks of the season? Isn’t that the way it should be? Isn’t that what sports is all about?

First, my thoughts about the BCS. I’m the first to admit it is a flawed system, but is a playoff with teams determined like a beauty contest better? Not in my eyes.

I’ve said many times that if the NCAA ever reduces its list of “major colleges” to a workable number and then reward conference champions with playoff spots, and then I’m okay with a playoff. Under such a system – which every other sport has — we wouldn’t know which teams would play for the title until the next-to-last weekend of games. Teams would earn their way into a playoff, plain and simple.

Until – if – that ever happens, I’ll take what we have, the BCS. I just wish the powers-that- be would let me straighten out this chaos.

How, you ask? I’m glad you did.

First, there would be no LSU-Alabama rematch, or any rematch of teams from the same conference. Only conference champions would be considered. Call me old-fashion, but I think teams should have to win a title to earn the right to move on.

Obviously, without a playoff there would have to be some subjectivity. My plan is simple: Use the BCS poll to take the top 2 ranked BCS conference champs and go play a championship game. Bogus, you say. Well, for decades schools claimed national titles without a championship game and no one seemed to care. Hell, on several occasions more than one team claimed to be the champ and no one seemed to care.

As for the Heisman Trophy, when did it become a race? The answer, of course, is when ESPN started the hype BEFORE the season began. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstriet had the gall recently to state the Heisman race was wide open. Really? Did he mean he wasn’t sure who he’d vote for or was he speaking for all of the 1,100-plus voters? Talk about ego run amuck.

I think it’s great to keep track of which players are having outstanding seasons, but let the season play out. There’s a reason the Heisman vote isn’t taken UNTIL the regular season ends.

Isn’t this fun?

Quik pix: After watching the Gators vs. Furman, I can’t pick them to beat visiting FSU; Georgia Tech’s option confuses visiting Georgia, which is looking ahead to the SEC title game; Clemson will score too much for the host Gamecocks, who can’t seem to find the end zone; Virginia Tech (huh?) stays in the national title picture by winning at Virginia; despite all of the upsets, I can’t see Arkansas winning at LSU. Last week: 2-3 (33-22 overall).


  1. Wyman says:

    Since you have resolved those issues, here’s a challenge worthy of your Guru skills: When should the University of North Florida start playing Division 1 football, who should be its first coach, and what major conference should it try to get into?

    Bonus Question:
    Would this negatively impact the Jaguars or might the impact of an Ospreys (name change needed) football program enhance the city economy, by leading to a higher income business community taking root here?

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