Posted: November 18, 2011 in NCAA
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If I was in charge of a college football bowl game there’s no way I select Penn State as one of my teams. I wouldn’t touch the school with the proverbial 10-foot pole.

Listen, I know the current Nittany Lions players have done nothing wrong. I know it is unfair to punish those players because of the horrible deeds of former coach Jerry Sandusky and unforgiveable moral lapses of disgraced former head coach Joe Paterno and anyone else who obviously took part in any kind of cover-up.

But life isn’t always fair. The current players are simply caught in the middle.

Bowl games should be a celebration of college football. They should be a reward for the schools. They should showcase the host cities and give them an economical boost.

Penn State, as a university and a football program, doesn’t need the spotlight right now. It doesn’t deserve the spotlight.

If Penn State plays in a bowl game what will dominate all of the media coverage and water cooler talk?

Think anyone will really care about the Lions’ offensive scheme? You think anyone will spend a minute pondering how the Lions matchup with their opponent?

Of course not. The players and coaches will most likely be shielded from the media and public as much as possible. Stories and water cooler talk will center around how the scandal has affected the players and coaches; how much and when did the players and coaches learn about the scandal; what do they expect to happen next; how will the scandal impact their personal lives; how much will the scandal impact the future of the university and its football program.

Having Penn State in your bowl game will be anything but a celebration. To the contrary, it will simply give us more reasons to think about the horrors that have transpired.

Quik pix: I believe FSU is a top-10 caliber team and will show it once again this week by hammering the visiting Virginia Cavaliers; Vanderbilt winning at Tennessee is difficult to imagine but it will happen; Michigan-Nebraska doesn’t have the same ring to it that it would have had a decade ago, but it should be interesting with the host Wolverines winning a close one; Oregon literally runs away from the visiting USC Trojans; Who ever thought a Miami-South Florida would be a pick ‘em? I like the host Bulls. Last week: 5-0 (31-19 overall)



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