A Win is a Win is…Uh…Frustrating

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Frustration is obviously easier to swallow when your team wins. Jaguars fans surely understand that following Sunday’s 17-3 victory at Indianapolis. While the Jaguars won 17-3, their passing game continues to border on embarrassing. Rookie quarterback didn’t look any better than he did in his first start; tight end Marcedes Lewis was awful – again; the wide receivers stunk.

It was reasonable to expect improvement in the passing game, if for no other reason than the Jaguars were playing the winless Colts, who have struggled in all phases of the game. But it didn’t happen. Colt defenders were probably celebrating behind closed doors after giving up fewer than 23 points for the first time all season.

But enough of the depressing commentary. The Jaguars did win. There are five teams with a worse record and another five teams with the same 3-6 record of the Jaguars. And, Jag fans, you’re not alone in feeling so frustrated. In fact, frustration is a fact of life for NFL fans.

Consider the “Dream Team” Eagles, who are 3-6 after another home loss. This one was handed to them by a struggling Arizona team using a backup quarterback.

Consider the Tampa Bay Bucs, who entered the season with such high hopes but are 4-5 and suffered another embarrassing home loss, 37-9 to Houston.

Consider San Diego and the New York Jets, both who had visions of going to the Super Bowl. The Jets are 5-4 after getting hammered at home by the Patriots. The Chargers are 4-5 after a home loss to Oakland.

Consider the Bills and Lions, both who soared out of the gate, neither losing in September. Buffalo’s offense had disappeared and the Bills are stumbling at 5-4. Detroit has lost three of its last four to fall to 6-3. The only things the Lions have stopped lately are the feel good stories about how the team has lifted the spirits of a city in financial and civil crisis.

Then there are the Atlanta Falcons. After posting the NFL’s best regular-season record last season, the Falcons struggled early but seem to have turned things around. Until yesterday. After taking the Saints into overtime in the Georgia Dome, Coach Mike Smith decided to gamble on a 4th-and-1 from the Falcons’ 29. Gutsy? Stupid? Whatever, the Saints held and kicked a chipshot field goal for the victory.

Now that is frustrating.

Feel better, Jag fans? No? Well, honestly, neither do I.

Fair or not, I’m starting to think Gabbert might wind up on a long list of quarterbacks taken high in the first round of the draft who bombed . . . and that’s both depressing and frustrating.


  1. producewiz says:

    Dave, this JoePa mess is going to get real ugly.Some of those paretns,guardians,foster homes, etc, had to have complaints from their kids.Trail of money in keeping their mouths shut will be as sick as what that MF did.Joe ruined himself when he said he should ahve done more.He knew everything.A.G.

  2. Wyman says:

    In the second half I tuned in online to the Denver Broncos victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, while listening to the Jaguars on the radio. I found the Broncos more interesting and their game more challenging than the Jaguars game. I enjoyed the Tim Tebow touchdown pass. Broncos and Jaguars both scored 17. By the end of the game, I decided it might be to Gabbert and the Jaguars advantage to play Gabbert the way the Broncos are playing Tebow. Not only might if offer more excitement, Gabbert passes better than Tebow. Why not find out if the Jaguars drafted a Tebow-clone a year after having the chance to get the real thing? Offense can’t be much worse. Sweet and as important as a victory was to open the second half of the season, the Jaguars should have roundly defeated the Colts. It’s a huge letdown they didn’t. I’m on the verge of leaving the Jaguars in the past. Kentucky beat Kansas last night. The basketball season is here. Do I really need to follow a football team that seems depressing even in victory? They don’t even make a good Zoo attraction. Lamm, can the Tar Heels compete this year?

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