Santa Lamm Returns…

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Santa Lamm
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This is Santa Lamm and I need your help. Do you realize thousands of unfortunate children on the First Coast don’t experience the thrill of Santa Claus? That’s why I started the David Lamm Foundation eight years ago.

For the last seven years, Santa Lamm and his helpers have taken more than 1,600 children on a Santa Lamm shopping spree. Each child is given a $75 gift card and allowed to do his or her own shopping to make their Santa dreams come true.

This year’s Santa Lamm shopping spree starts at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 21, at Regency Target. Donuts, milk and juice are provided by Target for the children. Everyone is invited to attend as a volunteer and/or observer. Trust me, watching these children will put you in the Christmas spirit.

The Lamm Foundation is all-volunteer operated and managed. More than 99 percent of every dollar goes to the children. All money is raised through individual and business donations. Donations are tax-deductible and the Foundation is classified as a 501(c) 3 charity.

Donation checks should be made out to the David Lamm Foundation and mailed to 5430 Whitney St, Jacksonville, FL 32277.

Children ages 3 through 13 are selected from various agencies and churches that work with under privileged, abused and medically challenged children. The Foundation also accepts individual requests that can be made by e-mailing David Lamm at


  1. says:

    Thank you, Guru, for making this a local tradition for Jacksonville’s less fortunate. The check is in the mail…

  2. Kim says:

    Uncle Dave-

    The Sullivan children will be there to help out! See you Wednesday morning.

    Kim & Tom

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