FSU/Miami Is STILL Worth Watching!

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Florida State Seminoles, NCAA
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Florida State plays Miami this Saturday in Tallahassee. Why should we care?

Neither team is ranked. FSU is 6-3 and lost at Wake Forest. Miami is 5-4 and lost to Virginia.

Neither team will win the Atlantic Coast Conference championship — as if that matters. Everyone who follows college football knows the ACC is the Barney Fife of the BCS conferences. For the record, the Big Least is the Floyd the Barber of the BCS.

There’ll be a lot of NFL scouts at the game, but no one considers these rosters to be loaded with slam dunk pro stars of tomorrow.

So I repeat: Why should we care?

Well, I can’t speak for you, but I care because 1, I love college football; 2, this is one of the great rivalries in college football; 3, the game should be competitive; 4, I’m a Floridian.

The disinterest in the game is a reflection of how we live in an age where it isn’t about the beauty, the excitement and the fun of the game but about championships. No longer is second place – much less third place or lower – any kind of achievement. There’s THE winner and everyone else is a loser. Lose the Super Bowl and you’re a loser. Lose the BCS Championship Game and lose and you’re a loser. You get the point.

A colleague of mine maintains if the game doesn’t mean anything (i.e. path to a championship) then there’s no reason to watch. I couldn’t disagree more.

Let me make it clear: I love winners. I love champions. I want my teams to win championships. But I understand there’s only one champion. The way I see it, there’s the champion, but not everyone else deserves the loser label.

I don’t watch my teams play only if they’re contending for a title. Sure, I’m more excited when my teams are winning and contending. But I watch sports because I enjoy them. Its fun. I love the competition; the drama; the fact there’s no script. I love the camaraderie sports create. I love the debates and the tailgating; the atmosphere and the fact sports allow me to ignore the problems of everyday life for fleeting moments.

I appreciate the consistently good play of teams

I don’t consider the Buffalo Bills of the 1980s as losers. I admire and respect the fact they made it to four straight Super Bowls, the only team to do that in NFL history.

I grew up loving the North Carolina Tar Heels’ basketball team. Would I have enjoyed it more if Coach Dean Smith had won more titles? Absolutely. Did I admire Smith’s record of making it to the Final Four so many times? Absolutely. I didn’t consider it a failure.

Do I wish the Atlanta Braves of Greg Maddux, John Smoltz and Tom Glavine had won more than one World Series? Certainly, but I consider winning 14 straight divisional titles an incredible achievement.

I’m excited about Saturday’s FSU-Miami game. Why? Because it’s FSU and Miami. That’s enough for me.

Championships are the icing on the cake, not the entire dessert.



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