Cheering for Failure in the NFL

Posted: November 4, 2011 in NFL
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As the NFL hits the halfway point of the season, the most intriguing questions are:

Can the Packers go undefeated?  Are the 49ers for real?  Are the Lions for real?  Can the “Dream Team” Eagles bounce back from an awful start?  Are the Colts minus Peyton Manning really this bad?  Just how good is Cam Newton?

And which team will win the “Suck for Luck” sweepstakes?

The last question is the most intriguing, and it spurs more questions.

Are teams really trying to tank the season so they can get the No. 1 draft pick next April and pick Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck? C’mon, can a team really tank the season? Why would players and coaches damage their individual careers?

What if Luck suffers a serious injury that impacts his future?

What if Luck decides to return to Stanford for his senior season? Crazy? Remember, he could have come out last season as a third-year sophomore, but choose to stay in school. His family has money. He is an honor student.

Of the leading contenders to finish with the NFL’s worst record, how many of those teams would actually draft Luck? Certainly the Colts are in a dilemma because of the injury that has sidelined Manning. He may well miss the entire season. His career, in fact, could be over. But he also could comeback and still have three or four more productive seasons.

The Rams’ second-year quarterback Sam Bradford is struggling, but he showed great promise as a rookie. The Panthers have to be thrilled with Newton. The Vikings love Christian Ponder. The Jaguars appeared committed to Blaine Gabbert. The Cardinals gave up a ton to get Kevin Kolb.

There’s no doubt the Dolphins, Seahawks and Broncos would all take Luck.

Of course the team that gets the No. 1 pick would have a ton of leverage to making a blockbuster trade if it chose to trade the No. 1 pick or draft Luck and then deal him.

Never has failure been so closely watched and cheered during an NFL season.



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