Open Letter to Blaine Gabbert

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Mailed To: Blaine Gabbert, Quarterback, One Everbank Drive, Jacksonville, FL

Dear Blaine,

You’ve seen me but you don’t know me. I’m the heavyset older guy in the post-game home press conferences who asks a lot of questions. Just for a little background, I’ve been writing and talking about sports in Jacksonville for 34 years. I’m considered to be quite the cynic, but I’m also known for my passionate side and a lot of people call me Uncle Dave. This is Uncle Dave talking to you.

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be a rookie quarterback in the NFL, and that’s especially true when you play with . . . well, let’s just say the Jaguars aren’t loaded with a lot of great offensive players. That said, Blaine, it is time for you to step it up. This week’s game in Houston can only be won if the Jaguars score a few touchdowns. The defense is playing its butt off, but it isn’t going to hold the Texans to 7 points. The Texans are gonna score some points.

You’ve done some good things like not throwing a bunch of interceptions, but it’s obvious you’re playing very conservatively. The top NFL quarterbacks take some chances. You seem to have the arm to get the ball in tight spaces. Be a little bolder.

Everything I hear about you is you are a hard worker and reasonably bright. You gotta keep grinding because . . . well, there are too many flaws. You throw off your back foot too much. You hold onto the ball too long. Is that because you’re indecisive? Whatever, you aren’t helping your offensive line. In fact, you’re making those guys look bad sometimes when it’s your fault. Those big brutes will get tired of taking the heat sooner than later

To be blunt, I think you’re trying to be too perfect. You gotta just play, let the game flow and come to you. Don’t be scared of making a mistake. What? The Jaguars going to bench you? Yeah, when hell freezes over. Like it or not, Blaine, you are the franchise. It comes with the territory. It’s a quarterback league. That’s why the Jaguars gave you that check for $10 mill before you ever played a down.

Another thing, quit being so damn nice acting. I’m not telling you to throw teammates under the bus or publicly embarrass them, but show some fire when things go good or bad. Again, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to take charge of a bunch of guys who are older and more experienced than you, but that’s part of the job.

Another example of acting too nice is when you talk with the media and fans. Quit saying what great players every teammate is. At best it makes you sound insincere. At worse it makes you sound ignorant. Mike Sims-Walker, for example, IS NOT a great player. Just say you’re happy to have a new teammate who has proven he can make plays in this league and you expect him to help the team. That’s not criticizing the guy. Quit saying how great the offense is. You’re averaging 12 points a game. That’s last in the NFL. Thus far the offense has sucked. You don’t have to say that, but . . .well, you get the point I’m making.

I wish you the best, although I don’t have high expectations for this week. Beating Baltimore was a great victory, but I think the Jaguars come back down to earth this week and lose 28-14. Remember, the fans are on your side right now and they’ll stay with you for a while longer if they’re seeing some progress. Go play football and quit worrying about style points.

Best regards,

Uncle Dave


  1. Gary says:


    What a great article, I knew he did not look right and you have outlined it perfectly. Time for the kid to be the MAN!. Look at all the articles about Andy Dalton, cool, calm, great leader, tough. I think it goes to back to starts in college, Gabbert only in the teens. Dalton around 30 games. Plus Dalton was named the starter from the get go.

  2. Producewiz says:

    Uncle Dave,

    Don’t expect much from Gabbert. He played in a spread offense in college, has no pocket awareness, has accuracy problems…… get the picture. What I just described is all the negative comments about Tebow. Gabbert and Tebow are the exact same QB’s right now. One big difference…Tebow is a winner.

    Go Jaguars.

  3. Bunka says:

    Tebow has been in the league for a year now. Gabbert is still a rook. I agree they’re almost the same. Don’t forget, Vince Young was called a “winner” too.

  4. 32210 says:

    Tebow is a winner, but not an NFL quarterback.

  5. Tampa Jack says:


    take off your orange and blue gator and broncos glasses. both gabbert and tebow stink and are both losers.

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