Where’s That Silver Lining???

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars

There is good news for Jaguar fans. This team hasn’t lost five straight games because of a lack of effort. Okay, maybe it did mail it in during the second half of the loss to the Jets in New York, but otherwise the players have played hard.

The Jaguars as a whole simply aren’t very talented. Throw in injuries, a rookie quarterback and a coaching staff rightfully worrying about future employment, and –presto – you have a 1-5 team heading to lower depths.

Thanks to an offseason spending spree on defense, the Jaguars are better than average on that side of the ball. That’s not the case in the other two phases of the game, offense and special teams.

High hopes for a pair of bookend offensive tackles have turned in a nightmare. Eugene Monroe looks like he was vastly over drafted. Eben Britton can’t stay healthy. The wide receivers are a mess, arguably the worst in the NFL. For the record, bringing back Mike Sims-Walker may not be much help, but it certainly can’t hurt. Tight end Marcedes Lewis earned Pro Bowl honors last year and received a big, new contract. This season he’s playing like a TE who wouldn’t start for most teams. Rookie QB Blaine Gabbert is playing like a rookie QB on a bad team.

Injuries have robbed the team of two of it best special teamers, Montel l Owens and Kassim Osgood. General Manager Gene Smith botched the punting situation, letting Adam Podlesh walk and signing since released Matt Turk. Rookie Cecil Shorts shined during training camp, but he appears to have a bad case of stage fright as a punter return and wide receiver.

It is difficult to see the offense and special teams getting better this season.

Certainly not tonight when the Baltimore Ravens come to town. The Ravens have allowed the fewest points per game (14) in the NFL. The Jaguars offense has scored the fewest per game (12). Sounds like a beatdown, doesn’t it? The oddsmakers have Baltimore has an 8-point favorite, which, if I didn’t know better, sounds like they’re being kind to the Jaguars.

But this is the NFL and strange things happen. Example: A week after the Ravens routed the Steelers and the Jaguars beat the Titans on opening weekend, the Ravens went to Tennessee and were pounded 26-13 for their only loss. Go figure.

Two things appear certain for tonight. One, the Ravens will win. Two, the Jaguars will play hard.

At least that’s something for the love-my-team-no-matter-what Jaguars fans to cling to.

Many more Jaguars fans will get a tingle if Coach Jack Del Rio is fired after the Ravens beat the Jaguars . . . say 28-10.

  1. Wyman says:

    At last a winning Jaguar formula: 1.) Monday Night Football pride makes the Jaguars determined not to make fools of themselves before the world. 2.) Tebow Contrail Effect. (Either Tebow’s plane passed over Jacksonville on its way back to Denver, with a Tebow spiritual contrail drifting down upon Jaguar players across the city or Tebow-reverberation gripped the players with fear, if they played to their usual level.) 3.) Jack Del Rio got out his whip, while playing the Devo song “Whip It!” threatening any player with the whip, if they didn’t whip those Ravens.

    😉 Okay, truth is Jack Del Rio found Alladin’s lamp and used all three wishes to guarantee a Jaguar win, but needed a fourth (unavailable) wish to get an actual touchdown. That’s the only way I know to explain those three 50+ yard field goals of Josh Scobee. SHAZAM!!!

  2. bunchesofone says:

    The Jags D hit the Ravens in the mouth so hard it looked like Steve Tyler and Octomom got together and had 11 kids..GO JAGS

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