Too Early to Whine

Posted: October 20, 2011 in sports

I enjoy guessing games as much as the next guy. I absolutely love speculation. “What if?” is music to my ears. But there is a limit, and the BCS guessing game/speculation/and “what if?” always goes way over the line.

The first official BCS college football poll came out this week. Already the whining, crying and bitching is at top speed.

LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State occupy the top four spots. And, yes, they get determine their destiny. But poor Boise State, No. 5, is at the mercy of others. Ditto for No. 6 Wisconsin. Ditto for No. 7 Clemson. Ditto for No. 8 Stanford.

It is reasonable to assume the LSU-Alabama winner (Nov. 5) and the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State winner (Dec. 3) winner will play in the BCS Championship Game if they finish unbeaten. That means Boise, Wisconsin, Clemson and Stanford could all go unbeaten and be left out of the title game. Absolutely that sucks for those schools.

But here’s a news flash: The season is only half over.

I know of the top 8 teams only Oklahoma State and Clemson have been challenged, but there’s a lot of football to be played. There will be some shocking upsets. There will be some injuries that impact teams.

LSU still has Auburn and Arkansas to play in addition to the Alabama game. Alabama goes to Mississippi State and Auburn. Oklahoma still has Kansas State and Texas A&M to play. Oklahoma State gives up a bunch of points. Wisconsin has road games with Michigan State, Ohio State and Illinois. Clemson plays North Carolina and travels to Georgia Tech and South Carolina. Stanford has yet to play Oregon, Washington, USC and Notre Dame.

Boise State, in fact, the best bet to finish unbeaten, but count me among those who think Boise doesn’t deserve to play in the BCS Championship Game.

Alabama would be my second best bet to finish unbeaten. The Tide plays LSU in Tuscaloosa and it is more settled at quarterback. Oklahoma State would be next on my list, partly because the Cowboys are at home against the Sooners.

What happens to Wisconsin if quarterback Russell Wilson is injured? Ditto for Stanford if the Cardinal loses QB Andrew Luck? Clemson may have used all of its miracles.

My advice is to wait until mid to late November before getting on your pulpit and screaming about how bad the BCS system is and how greedy the NCAA is and how it’s absolutely absurd that major college football doesn’t have a playoff. You’ll sound a lot smarter then.

Quik pix: Kudos to the Hurricanes for winning at North Carolina, but they have trouble stopping the run, and visiting Georgia Tech runs really well…and runs over Miami; Dabomania short circuits and the visiting Tar Heels end Clemson’s miracle run; the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry doesn’t look like much of a rivalry as the Tide rolls big at home; FSU critics learn again that its “who-you-play” and not “how-you-play” as the Seminoles spank visiting Maryland; and Notre Dame whips Southern Cal in what used to be a game that mattered. Last week: 2-3 (18-12 overall).

Don’t forget to check out Blabbermouth Lamm’s college point spreads on Blabbermouth link.



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