Mathis = Embarrassment

Posted: October 17, 2011 in Jacksonville Jaguars
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Few Jaguars players have caught more heat from the fans than cornerback Rashean Mathis. I have consciously not jumped on the bandwagon of Mathis critics.

Until now.

In Sunday’s 17-13 loss at Pittsburgh there were two non-plays by Mathis that leaped off of my TV screen. I’m not saying these two plays costs the Jaguars the game or that Mathis was the only problem. For what’s its worth, I don’t ever remember watching a game decided by four points that seemed so one-sided. Did anyone really think while watching the game the Jaguars would win?

But I’m getting off point, so let’s get back to Mathis. Both plays involving Mathis also involved Steeler running back Rashard Mendenhall.

In the first quarter, Mendenhall scored on an 8-yard run around the right side. Mathis had a clear shot at Mendenhall inside the 5-yard line. Mathis literally dove at Mendenhall’s feet like a kid would do trying to trip up an adult. Mendenhall simply stepped over Mathis and stepped into the end zone.

In the second quarter, Mendenhall went off left tackle and raced 68 yards before being caught inside the 5-yard line. It coulda/shoulda been about a 5-yard run. Mathis had a clear shot at the runner at the Jaguars’ 42. This time Mathis went high, trying to grab Mendenhall around the head. Mendenhall went through Mathis as if Mathis was a cheerleader instead of a player.

Fundamentally, Mathis was horrible. Worse, he gave little effort and was gutless. Both are awful. Both are inexcusable. Both are unacceptable.

I realize Mathis isn’t a physical player. He made the Pro Bowl in 2006 thanks to making eight interceptions. He has had nine interceptions since then, and it isn’t because teams don’t throw in his area. In the season opener, a victory against Tennessee, Titans’ quarterback Matt Hasselbeck literally picked on Mathis, targeting is side on every pass play on a fourth-quarterback touchdown drive.

Mathis was given a new contract and star status after his Pro Bowl season. Coach Jack Del Rio actually has singled out Mathis for his good play several times this season. I can’t challenge that. The coaches watch and grade the film.

What I do know he has repeatedly been beaten and he has embarrassed himself time again for refusing to play tough, fundamentally-sound football.

Maybe I’m over reacting to two plays. Maybe he graded out well for the game. Certainly after allowing points on the Steelers’ first three possessions, the Jaguars defense played solid football with Mathis on the field.

Whatever, I’m now onboard the bandwagon of Mathis critics. Until he tries to actually hit someone, I plan on staying onboard.

  1. Terri says:

    Welcome aboard now it’s time to fire Gene Smith and release Shorts and Meester.

    • Gary says:

      Dave, I totally agree with your point. I have never seen a cornerback, outside of Deion Sanders, who was so afraid to tackle someone. At least Deion could cover, make interceptions and run back punts but Mathis is an overrated player on a poor team. You have to believe that on any other pro team Mathis would be at best a nickel or dime DB and not a starter. There is no way that this guy gets a big next contract and in my opinion should be on the bench.

  2. Lynn says:

    I have been on the “Mathis is Terrible” Bandwagon for some time now.

  3. bunchesofone says:

    I fully agree Uncle Dave.Trouble is,who’s gonna play in his spot?

  4. Maybe they can try Rashean Mathis at wide receiver, if the Soap Opera-like return of Mike Sims-Walker does not work out. If he hates to tackle people, then Rashean must hate being tackled even more. So, if he can catch a passes, he’s sure to evade/avoid tacklers to make it into the end zone for TDs. Sigh!

    Days of Our Jaguars:

    Will Mike Sims-Walker become a proven # 1 receiver his second time around with the Jaguars or will he take the money and run? (Start the violins, please.)

    Will David Garrard’s back get better without surgery and a lawsuit or will a stranger leave a manila envelope on owner Wayne Weaver’s desk, containing lost Garrard x-rays, that show he should have been put on injured reserve, not cut; thus leading Weaver to ask the Commish to allow him to reinstate Garrard, put him on IR, pay him his money, and let the insurance pay for his back surgery? (Violins, more emotion, please.)

    Will Jack Del Rio and his coaching staff call the right plays, while making timely decisions Monday or will they fritter time away, indecisively, while calling bizarre plays that make kindergardeners jaws drop in shock? (Violins, notes of confusion, please.)

    Stay tuned for Days of Our Jaguars on Monday Night Football. Following that, stay with us, for Days of Our Frustration. (Violins, weep, please.)

    ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Sorry, the Jaguars have gone the way of the opening MNF song.

  5. Uncle Dave, one thing I’ve noticed more than anything is, the receivers and tight end desperately need palmolive. Their stone hands are killing any kind of momentum that the offense can muster.
    Sunday was the first time my wife, who is a big Jaguars fan, slept from midway through the first quarter, all the way to the fourth. I, myself, was tempted to switch back and forth to CSPAN. The Jaguars make self mutilation tempting.

    It pays to be a winner…

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