Blabbermouth Picks: 10/14

Posted: October 13, 2011 in Blabbermouth

My twin brother Blabbermouth, who gained fame as part of my long-running TV show “Lamm at Large” has resurfaced after living under an assumed name on a Caribbean Island for nearly a decade. While in the islands he became an oddsmaker.

Now back in the states and living in retirement, he has offered to provide weekly point spreads on selected college games – for entertainment purposes only, you understand – for me and my readers.

After two weeks, his record is 7-7.

This week’s games:

FSU minus 13.5 at Wake Forest

Purdue plus 12 at Penn State

Mississippi State plus 3 vs. South Carolina

LSU minus 16 at Tennessee

Cincinnati minus 16.5 vs. Louisville

SMU minus 3 vs. UCF

Wake Forest plus 7 vs. Virginia Tech

Tulsa minus 22.5 vs. UAB


  1. Terri says:

    This needs to be edited …

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