I’ve racked my brain looking for right word. I’ve thumbed through the most current edition of Webster’s Dictionary hoping to find that one word that best describes what I’m trying to say.

With my apologies to English teachers everywhere and all of you classy people, the best I can come up with is the word “suck”. Can anyone better describe the weekend for the First Coast’s two most popular football teams, the Jaguars and the Gators?

For Gator fans, the ’08 national championship must have seemed eons ago as they watched their beloved Gators being dominated – even embarrassed – by Alabama. Forget the final score, 38-10, because that doesn’t tell the real story. The Gators were bullied by a stronger, faster and more talented team. I came away with the feeling if Alabama and Florida played each other 1,000 times, the Crimson Tide would be 1,000-0.


Even more depressing for Gator Nation, this wasn’t a one-time thrashing. In the last three games between the two schools, going back to the ’09 SEC Championship Game, the Tide has outscored Florida 101-26. The “rivalry” has become a joke. It sounds more like the Florida-Kentucky “rivalry” than it does a rivalry between two national powers.


To add insult to injury, Florida lost its starting quarterback John Brantley to injury – maybe for the season. Camp Muschamp isn’t revealing any information about the injury and that reveals how naïve Willy is. You can bet the bookmakers and future opponents have moles/sources inside the Gator lockerroom. What big-time program – including Florida — doesn’t have such resources?


It doesn’t get easier for the Gators. They travel to Baton Rogue to play top-ranked LSU this Saturday.


As for the Jaguars fans, they got what they’ve been clambering for, a passing offense, and what they’ve been dreading, another bad offensive performance. Rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert threw it all over the field and the Jaguars still managed a meager 10 points in losing to New Orleans 23-10. After a respectable first half, Gabbert misfired 12 straight times at one point. One of his four second-half completions went for minus 1 yard.


Gabbert still has much to learn and he doesn’t have much help. The wide receivers are as mediocre as advertised. And there are communications problems. No one is willing to say who’s at fault – Gabbert or the receivers – but on several occasions when Gabbert threw left the receiver went right and vice versa.


And then there was one of the most disturbing plays of the season. Late in the second quarter, linebacker Daryl Smith intercepted a Drew Brees pass at the Saints’ 38 and headed down the right sideline. The only person standing between Smith and the goal line (and a 14-14 tie) was Brees. Smith is considered one of the Jaguars’ best, smartest and toughest players. Rather than physically challenge Brees, Smith stepped out of bounds at the 13. Three incompleted passes later, the Jags settled for a field goal.


What was Smith thinking? Smith admitted his mistake after the game, but he offered no explanation. Coach Jack Del Rio said he didn’t see the play. Del Rio also said he was confident the Jaguars would turn things around. When they do, there’s a good chance JDR won’t be around to enjoy it.



  1. NONE of us will be around to see it, because it’ll happen in Los Angeles…PEACE.

  2. Chuck. says:

    Smith should have a leveled Brees. Bad decision. And he should spend a few games on the bench. Could have been a game changer.

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